Return 2 India

The first major decision of 2012.  Yup its time for me to close my 11 years old chapter here in Singapore and move back to India.  It hasnt been an easy decision to take, but ya it took time to come to this.  Have been thinking about it for more than 2 years now.  The time is here.

Will write in detail later.  But as of now, i can only say that I will miss Singapore a lot.

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Christmas lightup at Orchard Road – 2009

Christmas is always early in Singapore. By November, the main shopping street of Orchard Road gets fully decked up with lights, christmas trees and other decorations.  This year’s lights were switched on November 8th.  We were there to see the light up.  Paragon had a live band and some pyrotechnics to go along to mark the light up.

Overall, it was fun.  A massive tree has been setup outside ION Orchard.  You can go inside the tree and see the lightup. Its simply awesome.

Tangs as usual takes the cake for the most opulent and innovative kind of decorations. Like always, they are simply over the top.  The shop gets a total golden makeover.

Putting up a few pictures here.  Once all have been uploaded, will put up a link here.


















Singapore pics

Full2 bijee at work.  Blogging is almost non-existent these days.  Though, am trying  to read as many blogs as possible.   Meanwhile, some random pictures of Singapore taken over the past month.



Singapore’s skyline (business district in the background)


Fullerton hotel


Changi Airport – Terminal3


Changi Airport – Terminal3


Skytrain @ Changi Airport – Terminal3


Beach @ Sentosa



Cranes idle @ the port



Bangkok beckons this V-Day

Am going off to Bangkok tomorrow for a short holiday with biwi ji.  Will be back in Singapore late on 17th night.  The first Valentine’s day post marriage will be at the Thai capital, which also known as “Krung Thep Maha Nakhon” meaning “City of Angels“.



Meanwhile Muthalik and his chaddi gang with the active co-operation of BJP (with elections coming up they are already raking up the Ram temple issue) didnt anticipate public anger post the Mangalore roughing up of girls in a pub.  Perhaps, BJP and its chaddi gang allies still live in the notion that the people of this country want another form of Taliban in this country and that people are willing to vote for politics that was fashioned in the 80s.


There have been calls of pub bharo (fill up the pubs) on V-Day, carry chilli powder and pepper sprays, hockey sticks and bash up the chaddi gang members if and when they try to stop people from living the life they want to.

I would love to see some bashed up faces of the Ram Sene goons in the media soon.  When we have eunuchs like Ye dur dur dur appa and Chidhu in power, we simply cant trust them to deliver justice to us.  What we need to do is to not to beg for our rights, but to assert them, if need be with a bit of violence.

These chaddi gang members and other religious nuts have no business telling us the kind of lives we should live.  If they are so concerned about the Indian culture and values, they are free and go mate with some cows and drink their urine.

PS: Meanwhile, dont forget to send your pink chaddis to the cross dresser Muthalik and his gang members of Ram Sene.  I do have some stinking underwear with me and was wondering how to send it to them.


Singapore confers honorary citizenship on Ratan Tata

Singapore on Friday conferred its honorary citizenship on Ratan Tata, chairman of the Tata Group, in recognition of his abiding business relationship with the island nation and his contribution to the growth of high-tech sectors in Singapore.

Tata is the first Indian to receive the honorary citizenship of Singapore. Singapore President S.R. Nathan presented the award to Tata at a solemn ceremony at the presidential palace, Istana. The ceremony was attended by Singaporean government ministers, prominent citizens and top executives of Tata Sons.

“Singapore welcomes global talent who can add value to Singapore,” said Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng.   He described Tata as an “exemplary business leader” who had helped propel Singapore’s economy by making extensive contributions to the city state’s development. “The award is a reflection of Singapore’s gratitude,” he said.

Tata said he was “deeply honoured” to receive the award. “I am pleased to have been able to play a small role in the development of Singapore’s economy.”  He described the award as a privilege for the Tata Group, adding that he hoped “future collaborations would bring forth greater synergies”.

Tata has had a decades-long association with Singapore. As a young man he had worked at one of the Tata companies in Singapore way back in the 1960’s, long before he returned to India to rise up the corporate ladder at Tata Sons.

In the decades since then he had retained his links with Singapore, strengthening business ties in the information technology, auto components and precision engineering sectors.  The citation for the award said, “Over the years, Mr Tata’s business acumen has helped Singapore tap into higher value-added growth sectors.”

The honorary citizenship is among a host of honours that Tata has received in recent months. In November 2007 he was listed among the 25 most powerful people in business by Fortune magazine. In May this year, Tata figured in Time magazine’s 2008 “List of the World’s 100 Most Influential People.”

Singapore instituted the honorary citizenship award in 2003 to recognise foreigners who have made extensive services to Singapore or who have made a significant impact in the areas of business, science and technology, information communications among other sectors. The life term award is the country’s highest recognition for a non-Singaporean.

News courtesy: NDTV Profit

PS: This is the first post composed and posted via Google Chrome 😀


Happy National Day Singapore

Singapore celebrates its 43rd National Day today.  Its been my home for the past 7 years now. Have met some great people during this period, made some great friends for life.  A country and her people to whom i owe so much. A tiny but extremely efficient, safe and clean country in South East Asia.  An economic powerhouse that has not only sustained itself, but also re-invented itself every few years to keep itself ahead of the competition.  A country who’se exports is much much larger than its GDP.  A country that tops the charts when it comes to a clean government, safety, business efficiency and overall quality of life.

Best wishes to her and all her residents.

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Now Watching – Doctor Zhivago

This weekend, i watched Doctor Zhivago. To be honest, i found it better than Lawrence of Arabia. Cant believe that iam having the opportunity to watch such classics courtesy the Singapore National Library. God bless them 🙂

doctor zhivago

Had heard so much about the director, David Lean. And after watching 2 of his all time classics, i realise why his name is taken with so much of respect. *bows*

The sets, the sweeping cinematography, the background score by Maurice Jarre and the power packed performances by Omar Sharif, this is a must see. I cant believe that a movie of such epic proportions was made in 1965.

My rating **** and half (4.5/5)


Joy Alukkas to open world's biggest jewellery shop in Chennai

The world’s favorite jeweller opens the world’s biggest jewellery showroom in Chennai, India. With over 70,000 sq. ft of premium jewellery shopping in the heart of Chennai, Joyalukkas jewellery offers consumers more than a million exquisite jewellery designs from master jewellers in India, Bahrain, Turkey, Singapore and Italy.

joy alukkas

With the opening of the first showroom in the Gulf in 1987, the Group has achieved enormous growth, with over fifty stores in the GCC alone, plus London and New York. By 2009, the Group aims to open over 100 showrooms in India and the GCC. The world’s largest showroom in Chennai is an evidence of the growth of the Joyalukkas Group, and has been made possible by the vision of Mr. Joy Alukkas, Chairman, Joyalukkas Group.

diamond joy

Joyalukkas is a household name among the expatriate population in the GCC, including those from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Philippines and other Asian countries, apart from a large number of international shoppers, the legendary quality of Joyalukkas products have helped the Group to expand into a number of industries that have been enthusiastically received by its loyal customers. The Group now has operations in areas of fashion, information technology, media, money exchange and gold trading.

gold joy

With an entire floor of the store dedicated to diamond and platinum jewellery customers will be able to chose from a plethora of diamond and platinum jewellery designs in the form of necklaces, rings, ear rings ,bracelets and more. Joyalukkas only offers 100% IGI certified flawless Belgian cut diamonds, and a 100% PGI certified, Platinum jewellery, which ensures that only the highest quality of materials are used to create masterpieces which is a term synonymous with the Joyalukkas brand. All the gold jewellery available within the store is a 100% BIS certified and customers who purchase any gold and diamond jewellery are assured a 100% lifetime money back guarantee.

Full article here

Joy Alukkas website


Acquisitions Galore

HCL acquires Capital Stream for $40M

HCL Technologies Ltd. said on Wednesday it acquired Capital Stream Inc. for about $40 million in an all-cash deal. HCL, which has offices in Noida, India and Sunnyvale, said the acquisition is part of a structured M&A strategy “in selected industry verticals by using acquisition to either bridge gaps or enhance the capabilities in our service offerings.”


Capital Stream, which was founded in 1995 and has offices in Seattle and Aliso Viejo, focuses on end-to-end lending and straight-through processing to commercial banks and finance companies. Its services include prospecting and sales, credit analysis, due diligence, documentation and portfolio monitoring.

Full article here

Sterling group buys Norwegian JB Ugland for $300 million

Chennai firm acquires Norwegian conglomerate’s shipping business. As a part of its foray into the bulk shipping industry, the C Sivasankaran-promoted Sterling group has acquired the shipping business of Norwegian conglomerate JB Ugland for $300 million (Rs 1,200 crore).

jb ugland

With this, Chennai-based Sterling is likely to hold stake in all the three divisions of the conglomerate’s key business arm — JB Ugland Shipping Group and its subsidiaries, JB Ugland Shipping, JB Ugland Dry Bulk and JB Ugland Shipping Singapore.

Full article here

Bartronics buys Proximities, SRG for Rs $50 million

Bartronics America, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Hyderabad-based solutions provider for automatic identification and data capture and Radio Frequency IDdentification (RFID), Bartronics India, has acquired the assets of Australia-based Proximities Inc and US-based SRG America Inc for a total consideration of $50 million (around Rs 200 crore).


Proximities Inc, a privately-held company headquartered in Melbourne, develops, markets and supports secure RFID cashless payment, access control and age verification solutions.

Software Research Group Inc (SRG), headquartered in New Jersey, is a multi-national organisation that has successfully served the IT market place for over 10 years.

Above news courtesy: Business Standard


Movies over the weekend

Ah, cant believe that 4 days of weekend are nearly over. But at least i don’t have a guilty feeling that i wasted them. Watched lots of movies, finished 2 books (Reluctant Fundamentalist and Freakonomics), started reading Jack Welch’s Straight from the Gut, read a few business magazines and some research on commodity trading. Overall a profitable weekend.

A list of the movies i watched, along with my ratings.

Traffic (**** 4/5)


The Professionals (*** 3/5)

the professionals

David and Bathsheba (** 2/5)


The Message (*** 3/5)


Oceans 12 (** 2/5)


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