Development Wins Over Dynasty

Good to see a thumping victory of the JD-BJP combine in Bihar.  After keeping Bihar in the dark ages, Lalu Prasad believed that the people of Bihar wouldnt want to see the development anymore.

A win for Congress-RJD would have been a trip back to the stone age for Bihar. Nitish Kumar has got an overwhelming mandate from the public.  No matter how much the Congress tries to portray that the win for Nitish was nothing but a rejection of Lalu’s politics, they cant deny the fact that people have virtually rejected them too.  For the party ruling at the center to win /lead in less than 10 seats in a 243 member assembly is a new low.

People are increasingly voting for roti-kapada-makaan and other necessities in life.  No one bothers about reservations, mandir-masjid, communal and other caste politics anymore.  There is a whole new generation of kids who have been born post the 1991 liberalisation.

The new India demands development.  Hope the Thuggerays in Bombay realise that probably they need to stop beating up the migrants from Bihar.  Sooner or later no one would want to end up in the corrupt and crumbling Slumbay Bombay anymore.  Hope the corrupt Congress in Maharashtra gets the message too.   Not to mention the constant feuding AP Congress.

3 Cheers again to Nitish Kumar for his developmental politics. May his tribe increase.

PS: Guess what is the other heartening news?  The complete rout of the commies 😀

Above picture courtesy: IBNLive