Paper Tiger and their chicken followers

When Raj Thuggeray’s Thackeray’s security was scaled down, he cried mummy and hid inside his home.  Now, after waving black flags at Rahul Gandhi’s trip to Mumbai, some of the Shiv Sena’s leaders’ police protection has been withdrawn leading to cries of mummy again. Hahahaha…. i love the scums of Shiv Sena, their paper tiger’s empty threats and their panic the moment their security cover is withdrawn.

Three Shiv Sena legislators complained Monday that their police security cover had been withdrawn, and accused the Congress-NCP of getting back at them for their recent opposition to the government.

Two of the three lawmakers, Jogeshwari MLA Ravindra Waikar and Andheri MLC Anil Parab, were among the 342 Shiv Sena activists who were detained last week for waving black flags at Rahul Gandhi during his visit to Mumbai. Before that, Parab had led a march to Shah Rukh Khan’s home to protest the star’s statement that Pakistani players should have been part of the IPL.

The third lawmaker, Bandra MLA Prakash (Bala) Sawant, said he had not taken part in any protests but had visited police stations to talk to Sainiks who had been detained.

MLAs and MLCs in Maharashtra are provided security by the Protection and Security Department of the Mumbai Police, and are assigned policemen not above the rank of constable who carry a small weapon and work in 12-hour shifts.

Sawant complained he had been targeted despite his not having taken part in the protests. “I had only gone to meet activists detained at various police stations,” Sawant said. He added he would write to the police to ask them to restore his security. “My constituency is very sensitive and if anything happens to me the state government will be responsible.”

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I have always believed that all these morons dont deserve even a single police constable’s protection around them.  Since they have no qualms whipping up communal and regional feelings and exhorting their supporters to beat up innocent people, the police should also let them be at the mercy of people who want to take revenge from them.

Let them also be beaten into pulp while the rest of the world watches the fun.

Picture source: Moneytrader