New Movie Page

Considering the amount of movies i watch, i felt that a separate page is needed to justify it.  So, i have put up a listing of all the movies that i have watched this year in the new page called “Movies“. Yes, its just 11 days into the year but i have already watched  13 movies.  Am a movie maniac you see 😉


Its difficult for me to write detailed reviews for each and every movie i see because sometimes i end up watching 4-5 movies over a weekend. And by the end of the week, i have no patience to write anything about it other than rating them on a 1- 5 scale. Though if i do have the energy, i might write a few lines about them.

I soon plan to put up another page that will track all the books that i read.  Not that i read a lot.  Weekends are spent watching movies, so the only time for me to read a book is when iam travelling to and from work.  Also that depends on how tired iam.  So, most of the time, i just plug in some music into my ears and doze off (if iam fortunate to get a seat).

Above picture courtesy: Tinypic