Zardari's flip-flops

Perfect example of the fact the Pakistani President, Asif Ali Zardari is not in charge in Pakistan and that the ISI/Army nexus is holding him hostage.

Zardari: The people who did it may be Pakistanis, but it is wrong to say Pakistan did it. We are as much victims as you are.

Zardari: We are not sure people from Pakistan were involved.

Zardari: We will send the ISI chief to India to cooperate with the investigation.

Zardari: We will not send the ISI chief to India.

Zardari: Give us the evidence and we will try these people in our courts.

Am not sure if Pakistan or for that matter any country has laws for people to be tried for crime committed in other countries.  If it was there, half of the Pakistan Army would be in jail.  Afterall, they make a living out of fomenting terror in the neighbourhood.