Movie marathon and ratings

Watching movies endlessly these past few weeks.  But iam unable to find any time to write a detailed review of them. If and when i find time, i will write something detailed about the ones i liked.  As of now, a list of the movies and my ratings.

Basic Instinct -1 (4/5)
Taken  (4/5)
A Wednesday (4/5)
21 (3/5)
Mumbai Meri Jaan (3/5)
Charlie Wilson’s War (3/5)
Rock On (3/5)
Chamku (2/5)
Hijack (1/5)
Mukhbir (1/5)
Maan Gaye Mughal-e-Azam (0/5)
C Kompany (0/5)
Meet the Spartans (0/5)
Aeon Flux (0/5)
Basic Instinct -2 (0/5)