My latest purchase

There was a PC show here in Singapore – Comex 2008.  Had been wanting to buy a cheap and good laptop and also a digital camera (if my budget permitted).  And, i got both my wishes fulfilled 😀

Acer Extensa 5620

Intel Core 2 Duo
320 GB Hard disk
15.4″ display
Bluetooth, Wirelss WIFI link, Gigabit network card
Integrated Crystal Eye 0.3 Miegapixel webcam

Nikon Coolpix L16

A 4GB memory card, a tripod, scratch resistant cover for the display LCD free along with the camera.

Always wanted to get a Digital SLR camera (preferably Nikon) , but then felt that the money is better spent investing.  Else, i would have another expensive toy rotting away in some corner of the house.  Just like the others. Anyway, am happy 😀


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  • Chittaranjan

    Cool Yaar! I’ve known very few ppl. with an Acer Laptop and now you’re on of them :P. Care to share the rates?

    P.S: You could’ve snapped the pic of the laptop from the cam and a pic of the cam from the laptop’s webcam and put’em here instead of the stock pics 😀

  • Liju Philip

    @Amit, true it does make me feel real good 😀 I do have a PC already (Compaq, AMD Athlon, 1gb ram and 80 gb hdd). This laptop is for home in India, hence was looking for a sasta and tikau deal.

    @Manpreet, jealousy is good 😉 yup, will keep you posted on the performance of the gadgets. And also will try to start up on my photography desires.

    @Chittaranjan, Acer is the biggest brand in Singapore. In fact 90% of my office laptops/pcs are acer. Here goes the pricing

    Laptop SG$ 999 (approx Indian rupees 30,000)
    Camera SG$ 199 (approx Indian rupees 6000)

    and ya, i forgot to mention, i got free speakers and a mouse to go along with the laptop. Overall, it was a terrific deal i believe.

    Arrey yaar, i should have taken a pic using my camera. Anyway will start imposing my pics on all soon 😉

    @Ottayan, the prices are given above.

  • lazybug

    Congos! The lappy looks great. You could have gone for a cam with a slightly higher config me thinks. The AA battery can be a real pain. It gets used up pretty quickly.

  • Liju Philip

    @Dinu, yup electronic goods are cheaper in S’pore.

    @Nova, thanks. Any plans of buying one?

    @Akhil, ya wanted to buy a better cam, but then no budget. I have a portable battery charger and rechargeable batteries. Abhi usse kaam chala lenge. I wanna buy a digital SLR some other time. This is a stop gap arrangement.

  • Liju Philip

    @QI, oh yeah. Anyway this laptop is not for my usage. Iam happy with my PC.

    @Arvind, prices given above.

    @Chittaranjan, move back to apna India is on cards. How, when and where is not yet decided. Bored of living in SG and not interested in moving anywhere else. If i get some good offer, i might move back sooner 😉

  • Liju Philip

    @Roop, hehehe. No budget this time for a camera. Agli baar hum dekh lenge 😉
    Lappy is for home use in India. In case i make a move back home, i would need it.

  • Joe Z

    That decides it.
    Its time to replace my Coolpix Nikon (which had a provision for recording silent movies !!)

  • saritha

    I was browsing ur blog came to this page, ha ha i have the same digi camera which u have.I brought it 3 months back here.Very good camera got it at a good price.I had a coupon of AED.300.00,i was not able to decide what to buy,as i have sony videocam,cannon very old camera(reel one).Then i saw this camera, i liked it and paid the balance of AED.250.00 and brought it.I clicked the burj dubai today(going to be the tallest structure in the world), the picture came out very well.