Iam back

…this morning in Singapore.  It has been 17 days of hectic bliss back at home.  I got married on 14th July.  Cant believe that 13 days have passed since.  Had no time to go for a honeymoon as i had just 2 weeks of leave for the wedding.  All plans have been kept on hold for now.

Life post marriage is great. It took a bit of a time, but i slowly managed to get over the ‘me’ and have included ‘we’ in the decisions.  The journey has just started.  It was hectic shuttling between our homes even though both of us hail from the same city of Hyderabad. Visiting relatives, church, the customary introduction to the hundreds of people (faces and names of whom i dont even remember now) were just part of the schedule.

Managed to pull wife out of the crowd for some personal ‘alone times’ with her.  Managed to catch 2 movies in the process.  Jaane Tu and The Dark Knight in IMAX.  The IMAX was a hell of an experience.  Awesome screen and an equally brilliant movie. Reviews of both the movies will follow in the future posts.

Monday means both of us go back to our respective schedules of work. Its back to the rut, but its a happy feeling and the heart is naturally elated as i realise that my status has finally changed 🙂