Ugly aur Pagli, Singh is King – Music reviews

Ugly aur Pagli

Someone kick Anu Malik’s backside and let him know that his voice is as lousy as Himesh ‘nasal’ Reshammiya.  Both are equally grating and hard on the ears. Like the nasal man, Anu Malik insists on singing all the songs. Moron. He really screws up some of the best songs in the album with his lousy voice.

Still, i presume it would be great watching Ranvir Shorey matching his wits with Her Highness, The Bombshell aka Mallika Sherawat.  Though there are rumors that the movie is a remake of a korean hit “My Sassy Girl”.  The songs “Kar le gunaah” and “Talli” are pretty good.  But the best in the album is “Ye Nazar” by Sunidhi Chauhan and Shaan.  Nice peppy numbers in the album.

My rating *** (3/5)

Singh is King

The album has a Snoop Dogg number where the Doggie starts off the song with a few rap lines where he mentions Punjab as PORNjab 😉  But the album has some real chartbusters in it.  Quite a lot of songs in it is sure to burn up the floors in the pubs and discos across the country.

The Daler Mehandi song ‘Bhootni Ke’ is pretty groovy and sure to keep the feet moving.  The album has an overdose of punjabi lyrics and they simply go over my head.  But the best in the album has to be the Mika, Hard Kaur title song.  When you have the lyrics that go like this

Ek colour ke terah patte, lekin sab mein bas ek thing
Ace bhi hum hai, base bhi hum hain
aur jigar mein hain daring
hum hum kare dil ki jo marzi
karte karte bas had kar di
dil agar sachha ho rab sab karde setting
Singh is King, Singh is King, Singh is King

The album and the movie has ‘blockbuster’ written in bold all over.

My rating **** (4/5)

Pictures courtesy: Santabanta