Weekend movies – Juno, Sarkar Raj, Woodstock, In Bruges…

Quite a lot of stuff happening around. Am not finding enough time to pen them down. Ever since the exam, have been watching quite a lot of movies. Some good and mostly ok types. Though i do find quite a lot of stuff in the movies that i dont agree with, i do understand that’s the way the director percieves the characters and the story. Am not so interested in writing a long review of all the movies, but a few pointers to go along.


Its the story of a 16 year old girl who has a night of passion with her classmate and gets pregnant. The premise is fine, but what i couldnt understand was how her father and stepmom react to that situation. They are like ho-hum and just get on with life. I agree the movie was a comedy, but then it looked too artificial. And the cliches were all there. That guys are not sensitive and run away from taking responsibility and stuff. Both, the guy who impregnates the girl and the hubby of Jennifer Garner just back off at the right moments. It seems like only the women in the movie are compassionate and stuff. Pure bullshit. And the girl talks a bit too mature words for her age. Its like those telugu movies where the kiddos talk pure crap with the grown ups.

My rating *** (3/5)

Street Kings

My rating ** (2/5)

Woodstock Villa

Cyrus Broacha said on Ibnlive that Sanjay Gupta is being given an award, because he managed to make 3 movies this year inspite of the writer’s strike in Hollywood. I thought that was the best explanation for the excuse of a movie that Gupta makes. Hansal Mehta is the director of the movie. Once he had made a pretty good movie called Chhal. God knows what happened later on, he got associated with Sanjay Gupta and gang. Sikandar Kher looks like an ape. Someone give him a bath and cut his hair. Arbaaz Khan is well…what should i say. As for the actress (am not even interested in knowing her name), she is good looking and seems like has no qualms showing off some flesh. Well, am not complaining 😉

My rating (0/5)

Sarkar Raj

I’ve always believed that Ram Gopal Varma makes the worst movies when he works with top actors. Some of his best work has been with obscure and unknown actors. Sarkar Raj points to the fact that he is too much in awe of Amitabh Bachchan and that he is too afraid to get into his bad books. The characters are too good with no flaws. Another reason to believe that neither the Bachchans nor RGV wanted to rile the Thackerays. Its as if the main characters are too good and incorruptible. Technically the movie is slick. But the Govinda Govinda chant in the background is enough to give you a headache. Wish RGV stuck to some background music. Aishwarya sucks big time. Abhishek as i always believed is ‘butt ugly’ and survives in the industry only because of his father. Amitabh is top notch. He simply chews up the scenes. Its a surprise to see how none of the father’s and mother’s talents rubbed on to the Small B.

My rating *** (3/5)

In Bruges

Pretty good movie about 2 hired killers who are sent to an ancient city in Belgium (Bruges) and asked to wait there for some time before they are given the details of the next person to bump off. As the two killers wander through the streets of Bruges, the guilt pangs start to build up and both start regretting the lives they had. When the information for the person to be killed arrives, its noticed that the target is none other than one of the killers. As the story races to the end, it goes in for an explosive climax. Colin Farrel, Brendan Gleeson and Ralph Fiennes make it a compelling watch.

My ratings **** (4/5)