Movies, Exams, Oil prices and Air fares

So let me start of first with the exam. It was just ok. Am not sure if i can clear it off this time. Let’s see. If nothing works out, there is always December. Yay. See, i always look for a silver lining in the dark cloud.

Oil prices going through the roof means that everything’s becoming costlier. The house rentals have gone up too. Though am yet to find out any comparison between the two. Glee with anticipation that iam getting married, my landlady has jacked up the rentals. I got no choice anyway. So just grin and bear it. Airfares from Singapore to India are freaking costly. Its SG$1050 for the round trip in Singapore airlines. No other airline is flying direct from Singapore to Hyderabad and with just 2 weeks leave, i dont want to play hop and skip with Malaysian, Sri lankan or Thai airways. Also there is not much savings by flying with them. As for Air india and Indian, i will not let even my dog fly with them. So, that rests the case.

In the past 6 months, this is my 3rd trip home and everytime, i have had to pay more than SG$1k. Coupled with it is the upheavals at work and am not sure of why so many things are happening at the same time. Anyway, since none of them are in my control, i let things be the way they are and swim along, and see where the tide takes me.

And then, over the past one week i have watched these 4 movies. Reviews and ratings follow

Steet Kings
woodstock villa
sarkar raj