IPL Semis line up

Yup, am dejected that the Deccan Chargers have ended up with a wodden spoon. To see that they have ended up as the Dhakkans of the inagural Indian Premier League (IPL) tournament is painful. Anyway, we are into the last 3 days of the competition and the worthies are in the semis. No questions.

So, who will be the champions? I would fancy Rajasthan, but Punjab Kings XI is also a pretty balanced and strong team. Priety Zinta smothered each team member with kisses and hugs for every win. I can understand the Punjab team’s motivation to win the tournament anticipating more kisses and hugs by Priety. (No offense meant towards Priety Zinta. I have the highest regards for the lady. She had the balls to stand up in court and give evidence against the underworld when the so called heroes Salman Khan and SRK chickened out. Leading to someone christening her as ‘the only male’ in the Bollywood industry)

Anyways, coming back to the topic, Chennai and Delhi are clearly the weaker of the 4 teams in the semis. But then who knows, Dhoni or Sehwag might fire too. I feel its an evenly poised semi final line up. Anyone can be a winner.

What makes me the happiest is that both Kolkata and Mumbai are out. I cant stand SRK and so is my distaste for anything Mumbai 😉 Though am sad for Pollock and Jayasuriya. Pollock captained the team pretty well after Bhajji’s slapgate. But then Sachin screwed it up altogether once he returned. Thank God he was not given the Indian captaincy long enough.

So, who would you like to see win the IPL ?