Memories – Jaan Tere Naam

The year was 1992, we had just finished our 12th class board exams and wanted to catch some movie. Me and my friend went to Abids, Santosh cinema (dont remember which movie it was screening). As usual, all the tickets were sold off in black and the next option was to watch “Jaan Tere Naam” in Sapna cinema just beside it. We were a bit apprehensive as the movie was rated (A). Still took a chance wanting to see some exposing on the screen.

Its 16 years hence and i still cant stop humming the songs. So enamored was i by the songs of the movie that when i got a job in 1997, i bought a cassette of the soundtrack with my own money. None of the actors or the director associated with the movie made it big in the industry inspite of this movie being a big hit. The only people who benefited from the movie were their music directors, Nadeem Shravan.

Rone na deejiyega

Kal college band ho jaayega

Maine yeh dil

Hum laakh chupaye pyaar magar