Of Engagements & Marriages

Am back in Singapore. Since it was a night flight and i have difficulty sleeping while flying, came home and slept for another 3 hours so as to get some semblance of normalcy. The tough part of getting myself ready for my marriage starts now. The tentative date has been set for 14th July. I still cant believe that I got engaged already 😉

The whole thing looks so surreal. I suddenly have another pair of parents. My family has suddenly extended with so many relatives who are constantly being introduced to me. Since Iam someone who has difficulty remembering names, its funny when I meet people again. I can remember their faces very well, but cannot find their corresponding names.

Things change. You are suddenly not the same person anymore. You just cant simply jump a job or plan a move to another city/country, or just pack you bags and go on a holiday. There is someone who has become a significant part of your life.

All these years, all the marriages that i have attended have been where i just put my feet up and relaxed. Here suddenly, i was thrust into the limelight with pictures being clicked and the videographer thrusting his camera and the extra spot light into our faces. We are sitting on the dias with more than a hundred people looking on and passing comments about both of us.

Anyways, almost everyone goes through this ritual at least once in their lifetimes. And am sure, everyone might have had the same feelings. Meanwhile, I still have one paper of MBA pending in June. Hope i can find enough motivation to study well and clear the paper this time itself. Hope i can also find time to write the NSE exams that i had planned for earlier. Maybe on my next trip home, i need to find some time to write them.

Meanwhile, i landed at the new Hyderabad airport on this trip. Just one word to describe it. Fabulous. True, its not a patch on the Singapore airport, but its surely the best in India. The airport is very big, airy, spacious, metal and glass monster. The roof is beautiful and wavy, the shops are still coming up. Service is damn good by the GMR personnel. I took a few pictures of the airport on my lousy O2 cellphone camera. A bit shaky, but still good.