Holi Hai….

holi picture

Its been a festive weekend. Started off with Milad-ul-Nabi (the birthday of Prophet Mohammed) on Thursday, Good Friday on Friday, Holi on Saturday and Easter on Sunday.

A Muslim, Hindu and Christian festival. All 3 festivals celebrated with pomp and gaiety all over India. Now, that is what is called a true plural society. Something that no one country in the world boasts of. The country with the highest number of hindus, second highest number of muslims and a significant number of Christians. Still a vibrant democracy with full rights to profess and celebrate your religion. Isnt it something to be proud of? Unity in Diversity.

Probably an indication from nature itself that its sick of people differentiating between themselves on the basis of religion that 4 major holy days have come so close to each other.

Another reason for us to let our hair down and shout “Holi Hai”