NCFM Exams

nse by night

Have been thinking for some time to get certified in the capital / financial markets. Not only will this be helpful in my quest to change my career towards the finance line. But also, to have a better understanding of the market and its behaviour.

After some research and querying some friends, i came to know about the National Stock Exchange’s Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM) exams. Over the next few months/years, i plan to get certified in a few areas like

Financial Market

Capital Market (Dealers module)

Derivatives Market (Dealers module)

AMFI – Mutual Fund (Basic module)

AMFI – Mutual Fund (Advisors module)

Since am a novice in this field, am sure to find the going tough. Any help in the form of advise, tips, personal experiences with the exam would be much appreciated.

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