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Have been thinking for some time to get certified in the capital / financial markets. Not only will this be helpful in my quest to change my career towards the finance line. But also, to have a better understanding of the market and its behaviour.

After some research and querying some friends, i came to know about the National Stock Exchange’s Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM) exams. Over the next few months/years, i plan to get certified in a few areas like

Financial Market

Capital Market (Dealers module)

Derivatives Market (Dealers module)

AMFI – Mutual Fund (Basic module)

AMFI – Mutual Fund (Advisors module)

Since am a novice in this field, am sure to find the going tough. Any help in the form of advise, tips, personal experiences with the exam would be much appreciated.

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  • JB

    Whatever you do, make sure the qualification is internationally recognised.

    Also, I note that none of the areas you have listed include risk management. This is pretty essential to understanding your market of choice.

    Personally, I hate Funds Management. Other than Treasury functions, this is basically sales.

  • mumbaikar

    What an excellent idea. I wonder if there is an alternate way to get hold of the study material where just addresses of establishment are listed.

    You have got me started on this as well. Thanks!

  • sweta kishorpuria

    Dear All,

    Right now i am working with a securities company i.e.ICICI i am also appering for an ncfm exam on capital marketing ,i have got an experience of 2.2 years can u suggest me what kind of pay i should get if i clear up with this.



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  • anu

    I am appearing for the nse cash exam next month.Give me some valuable advices regarding the type pf questions


    Dear divya you can register online / offline at, you can checkout on Topic NCFM in their site.You have to take Rs.1000/- dd in the name of “national stock exchange of india ltd”.


    Dear Anu You can visti NSE india site and appear for a mock test in the module you are taking.
    You can see the pattern of question there and you
    can prepare well for more wieightage chapters as indicated in Text book provided by NSE.

  • manshul goel

    Hi vijay…
    I am having exam of securities after 3 days.
    But the problem is that i am not able to prepare for the exam. from the 8 chapters i am able to complete 3 chapters in total and my situation is terrible. Plz give me some tips to crack the exam.

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  • Indian Equity Investment Guide


    I bumped upon your post from google. I am also trying to get some finance related certifications and after some research I think the NSE certifications will provide what I am looking for. You would like to visit my blog which talks a lot about investing in India. This is a very nice blog, I am adding it in my blog roll!

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    Dear sir
    May I know from where I can get hold of NCFM exam old question papers with answer key.Please help me.

    Your’s sincerely
    KADANAD (p.o)


    hi all,
    I have cleared NCFM Certification of NSE in :
    -Derivative (Dealers) Module ,
    -Capital Market (Dealers) Module ,
    – Mutual Funds Advisory Module (AMFI) .
    and that too in first attempt only,each time.

    As it is a very simple to clear it,if anyone faces any difficulty for its preparation or could not clear it ,can contact me at:


    Most of the students who appear for NCFM Certification don’t know that :
    In case of Derivative Module and Capital Market Module :
    There is no need to clear Derivative (Basic) Module ,Capital Market (Basic) Module ,
    if they have already cleared Derivative (Dealer) Module ,Capital Market (Dealer) Module.

  • Ravi

    Hi there, I am planning to appear for NCFM, few questions:
    1. Can I register online?
    2. Do I need to mention the date for the exam right at time of registration, or can I just register and enter the date later on?
    3. Do we need to refer any other books apart from the study material, since I am a layman in this field?

  • chethan

    I personally feel NCFM exams are simply waste of money unless u realy want to make ur career in such fields eg.. sale of mutual funds (AMFI)…. download material from nse site and read urself… and give online mock test that is more than sufficient… look for exams like CA, CS, CFA (US) which are really worth ….

  • Abhinav S Raghuvanshi

    I would like to know more abt NCFM exams. wht study material / books is required to clear ths exam?what kind of career one can expect after getting ths certification ? Is ths really helpfull in making career in stock market? kindly help me with advices n experiences


  • Gayathri

    I am also looking for the ways to switch my career line to finance.. well, i took one NCFM beginners module and scored well. I feel that exam was very easy even anyone can get throught just mugging up. But if u really want to understand, u need to go in depth. when u read, be clear of what u read, if not , search in web and get clear understanding. That will help to face the interviews. if u want to take up certifications, please visit NSE website.
    Each ceritifications has its own cost and negative marks. so read carefully and apply for it. U can either pay through DD or Credit card. the rest of the details can be get from NSE website…

    Explore the world of finance… Exciting to live in finace… thanks….


    i need the study material for NCFM ( mutual fund module).
    if you have the soft copy of that kindly mail me.



  • kavita gaikwad

    Dear Sir/Madam.

    can anyone send me or tell the source where from i can get the question paper with answer preparing for the ncfm exams in capital market, derivatives and nsdl dp paperrs. (other than nse site), plz let me know as early as possible

    Warm regards



    HI,I want to appear nsdl dp exam in next week. can u provide me with question paper…for practice


    sir,i want to get certification in derivatives and capital market.for this ,from where i will get my syllabus and how can i apply for NCFM.

  • Vijay Maurya

    Hi this is Vijay from patna. May any body help to me for the preparation of capital market module… and i request thatif any body have twoor threeyearback question pls send me on

  • saradha

    Can somebody give me the practice questions for NCFM – Capital Market Dealers Module.

  • Srinivas

    I am a B.TECH(FRESHER) FROM A REPUTED NIT. I am very much interested in pursuing my carreer in Finance.To begin with I cleared Beginners module in July 2008,Securities module in Jan 2009 and now Derivatives.I wish to know the next exam I should appear.

  • Amandeep kour

    I have derivatives dealers module exam tomorrow.I would like to kno that is the nse’s derivatives dealers module book sufficient to clear the exam.I have gone through the book thoroughly.Could u suggest wat else i need to prepare apart from that.Is the qs.paper based on the qs. in the book.