Balls Thackeray at it again

Ya, the paper tiger of Bombay is at it again. In yet another WTF comment on his 82nd birthday (God, why is he not yet dead?), he wants all houses in Bombay to be reserved for Marathis.

Reserve 50 per cent of the houses for Marathi manush (common man). Otherwise, we will launch an agitation and not allow even a brick to be laid,” Thackeray said.

He also said that it’s time for a Marathi to take over as the Prime Minister of India. He even dropped the name of a potential candidate, saying Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) President Sharad Pawar was ‘prime ministerial material’.

Still wanna read the rest of his crap? Ok, click here.


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  • lazybug

    The old man is getting senile. The first thought I had when heard the news was, how would he differentiate between Maharashtrians who hailed from Mumbai and those who hailed from, say, Hyderabad? Surely, they would not be treated as equals!

  • raghav

    N one more thing one maharashtriyan got rejected to purchased the flat cause he eats Non-Veg. Now tell me do you agree to this fact that you are eligible to purchased the flat if you eat only VEG.