Om Shanti Om – Review

Leave your brains at home when you go watch this new Diwali Dhamaka. Yup, Om Shanti Om is a true blue entertainer, the kinds of which Manmohan Desai used to churn out in the 70s and 80s. Its a tribute to the 70s. To the cinema that we all have grown up on. To the cinema that is known to the rest of the world as ‘Bollywood’.

deepika arjun

Am not writing the story here cos its been mentioned on gazillion other websites. SRK is in his elements here. The movie is a total mad cap, rip roaring spoof on the Indian film industry. No one has been spared. The Tamil film industry, Suraj Barjatya, Manoj Kumar, Rajesh Khanna, superhero movies and heck SRK has a few digs at himself.

A few not to miss scenes in the movie

* SRK impersonating as a Tamil film hero to impress Deepika. Its hillarious.

* The 30 second cameo by Akshay Kumar. Its simply mindblowing. You are sure to fall off your seats laughing. Watch his reaction when he loses the ‘Best Actor’ award to SRK.

* Deepika Padukone. Man, she is gorgeous. Is it only me who feels this way? I believe, she has an uncanny resemblance to Aishwarya Rai. But surely isn’t as icy and bland as Ash. Is it something to do with the fact that both are Kannadigas? Ahem. Meanwhile, those never ending legs of Deepika reminded me of Shilpa Shetty. And not to mention the generous display of her ahem…cleavage. Is it courtesy, the push up bra or is it the skills of the make up man on display or are those indeed real ??? Well, we surely are not complaining.

* The song with 31 stars and Dard-E-Disco. After seeing SRK and his rippling muscles, am indeed ashamed with myself 🙁

* Dont walk away at the end of the movie. For the first time ever, there is a parade of all the people who worked on the movie. Yup, the Light boys, Spot boys, Production designers, Asst Directors etc… everyone makes an appearance. Also look out for Gauri Khan, SRK’s wife and the producer of the movie. Man, she is another piece de resistance.


SRK had during the promotion of the movie said that every Diwali is his and he is not letting any competitor steal his thunder. I havent seen Saawariya, but honestly you must be really mad to clash with a movie like this. Its not a blockbuster. Its sure gonna be a monster hit. And i have a strong suspiction that SRK is gonna chew up the competition.

There were rumors that SRK sold the movie to Eros entertainment at Rs. 70 crores and made a cool 40 crore profit even before release. Am sure, Eros wouldnt mind paying that sum. Cos, this movie has surely got a 100 crores plus earning potential.

My rating *** (3/5) Watch it. You wont regret it.

Above pictures courtesy: SantaBanta