Spyker F1 to become Force India Formula One

spyker car

Vijay Mallya is a shrewd businessman. He had the chance to name the team as Kingfisher. Afterall, its his flagship brand. Maybe he wanted to tug at the Indian’s heart. Another good news is that he has hinted that he might not go entirely native by having Narain Karthikeyan at the wheel. He’s in talks with Ralf Schumacher, who happens to be a good friend of Mallya and had visited India at his behest some months ago. So, it could be Ralf and the current driver Adrian Sutil (Germany) in the driver seat for 2008.

vijay mallya

“The critical issue is: ‘India on the F1 grid,’ ” Mallya said in an interview at Monza, Italy, days after the deal was announced in September. “You will get 200 million fans overnight. It’s humongous by world standards. It’s good for Formula One, it’s good for the sport, it’s good for the country.”


Mallya has got 2 full years to go to fine tune before the F1 reaches India in 2010 and am sure it would be pure mayhem then. Knowing Mallya, he had once said on national television “When i set my mind on something, i do it”. And i love the conviction of that man.