WTF of the day – BJP wants probe on Sensex crash

Holding the UPA government responsible for the sensex crash on Wednesday, BJP demanded a joint parliamentary committee (JPC) to probe the beneficiaries of the crash triggered by Sebi’s “untimely” proposal to regulate participatory notes.

The party pointed fingers at FM P Chidambaram and asked him to explain why he waited for the market to fall by nearly 1,800 points — which led to investors losing over Rs 4 lakh crore — before coming up with a clarification. The Congress, however, dismissed the Opposition’s demand for a JPC probe. Party spokesperson Shakeel Ahmed said, “The demand for a JPC has no relevance outside of Parliament.”

The BJP insisted that some manipulators and market players benefited from the crash as it seems they knew before-hand about the stock market plunge.

This is precisely why i believe that the BJP should stick to Ram Sethu & Ayodhya kind of issues. On any other issue when it opens its mouth, it sounds like a “party of morons”.

News courtesy: TimesofIndia


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  • ram

    well ur comments are as dumb if not dumber
    pc is no god , he is a human and fallible
    and chiefly responsible for the mess
    every big crash should be investigated
    there is nothing wrong and it is healthy though a jpc seems a tad bit irrational.

  • dinsan

    hahhahaha good one man !! poor people.. and why this ?

    1 they dont have anything to criticize ( may be because left is acting as a better opposition lol )

    2 they dont know anything about stock markets and economy

    what the hell do they think about those 2 great economists of India, who is leading our country..

  • Liju Philip

    There is no mess. A simple directive asking the PNotes to register themselves with the RBI was introduced. Also they have been given 18 months to register. So, what’s the fight here? The crash was irrational. RBI and govt has the right to know where the money is coming in and going out of the country. C’mon, we are not a banana republic like Pakistan to do money laundering.

    To even compare PC or Singh to any of the economists in the BJP or its allied camp is sheer blasphemy.

    If Yashwant ‘Rollback’ Sinha and Jaswant ‘dont know anything about finance’ Singh are the yardsticks, then i think i make a better Finance Minister.

    The ones who lost the money yesterday in the crash could have been the speculators or day traders. So be it. As for long term investors like me, it was simply a great opportunity to dig in and buy some great stocks at cheap prices.