Gym after a long hard day at work

california fitness

After a long hiatus of 8 months, i kicked my sorry ass to gym today. After a hectic day at office, i was in two minds. But still pulled myself to the gym. Didn’t exert myself as i did not want to wake up the next morning with cramps. So, restricted myself to some cardio and crunches.

A nice time out in the steam bath made me really doze off. I really like it when i sweat it out in the steam bath after some heavy duty workout. Also i have realised that my nose and throat too clears after a session at the steam bath.

I need to hit the gym regularly. Have plans of going home this year end. And i surely dont want my dad to nag at me when he sees that i have been neglecting my body. A six-pack was my target at the begining of the year. After 8 months of lethargy, all i have is a small paunch. Forget a 4 pack, a flat stomach itself is a challenge. Well i’ve got 3 months. Let see how things work out.

Above picture is of California Fitness, the gym that i visit. I like the place. Superb equipments and the facilities are great too. I have been a member of this gym for more than 2 years now. Dont look at me. Looks can be deceiving.