2017 – A Recap

1. I became a father to a baby girl on 23 November 2017 just 2 months after my brother became a father to a baby boy for the first time. Double celebration at home. That just about sums up the whole year.

2. All certifications and education came to a complete halt this whole year. Nothing moved on that front.


3. Just read one book in the whole year. Though read tons of super-texts, research documents, company annual reports and investment documents.

4. Watched more than 100 movies. Across multiple languages. Not to mention a lot many TV series too. Hardly went to the theaters.

5. Traveling was also just about absent. Just one trip to Bangalore to see my nephew.

6. Exercising and going for walks/jogs didn’t happen. Instead i got a fitness band to at least clock 10000 steps per day. Except a few times, even that was a downer. But i consistently managed to clock more than 8000 steps on most days. Best thing was that my weight stayed constant throughout the year. The only positive.

7. For the 6th year running, the annualized returns of my equity portfolio beat the annualized returns of the BSE Sensex. I had my first ever 10 bagger in the form of Dabur. Its the oldest surviving stock in my portfolio. Took more than 10 years to hit the 10 bagger target.  The other best performers have been Bharat Forge, Mayur Uniquoters, Skipper, Titan, Wipro, M&M, Deepak Nitrite and L&T.

8. For the first time ever kept a small budget to dabble in stocks that were running up frequently. Or as they are more commonly known as “momentum stocks”. Didn’t have any great returns, so i will reconsider this effort going forward.

9. Instead of waiting for that elusive stock market crash to happen, i stuck to my SIPs religiously. Moved to direct investing in Mutual Funds without going through ICICIDirect through whom i used to invest earlier.

Wishing and hoping that the new year brings in much happiness and success to everyone


2016 – A Recap

A bit late doing my year end ritual as i was traveling.  There were a more downs than ups in the year 2016.  A brief summary.

looking back

  1. Finished 4 papers of my CFP exams (Risk, Investment, Retirement & Tax Planning modules).  If not for a lot of interruptions, would have attempted the Advanced Financial Planning module in November itself.  As of now, its pushed into the new year.
  2. Read just 5 books in the whole year.  While i read a whole lot of other literature.  Broadened my reading interests into medicine, astronomy, personal finance, behavioral finance, company annual reports etc
  3. Watched more than 90 odd movies.
  4. For the first time started watching TV series and a whole new world of entertainment opened for me.  Once i started watching TV Series, i lost interest in movies.  Watched all seasons of House of Cards, Breaking Bad, The Americans, Narcos, The Night Manager, Billions, Banshee (2 seasons), Homeland (1 season) & The Good Wife.
  5. Traveled a lot.  Multiple trips to Bangalore, Kerala, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Haldwani-Kathgodam, Srinagar-Srikot (Uttarakhand)
  6. A loved one had a real health scare and i spent more than 20 days at the hospital attending to him.  Watching death from such close quarters made me realise the importance of being healthy.
  7. Towards end of October, started going for early morning walk/jogs. Tried to stick judiciously to the daily 10000 steps target throughout the year.  Did a lot of calisthenics (body weight exercises), some free weights and aerobics.  In just about 5-6 weeks was able to have a better toned body and dropped a few cms from the waist line.
  8. For the 5th year running, the annualized returns of my equity portfolio beat the annualized returns of the Sensex.  Its not something that i consciously ever worked upon, but it just happened. Some of the best performing stocks in the portfolio were Sonata Software, Hindalco, Bharat Forge, Rallis, Gruh Finance.
  9. The blog got hacked and i had to totally wipeout the site and rebuild. I had infrequent and incomplete backups and so restoration was a pain. For an IT guy, not having proper backups of the website was a big mistake to commit. Didnt matter much as i hardly blogged in the past year. Had thoughts of letting the domain name go, but i have already been holding the domain name for more than 6-7 years now. I have some interesting plans for the same in the future.

As always, the new year presents more challenges and am actually looking forward with much more excitement.


2011 – A Recap

A bit late into the year, but its always better late than never. Its been a practise i have followed for the past 3 years, so here it goes.

  • Moved to another department in the company. Got a salary hike, a higher position and not to mention work related stress.
  • Attended a weeklong ISMS course and got certified as a ISO 27001 lead auditor at the end of it.
  • Read 33 books at an average of more than 2 books a month. The increase mostly due to listening to audio books.
  • Watched more than 85 movies.
  • Went for a relaxing holiday to Kuala Lumpur towards the end of the year.
  • Celebrated Christmas at Hyderabad for the first time post getting married.
  • Met some net friends personally after having chatted with them online for a few years.
  • Investments in stocks and mutual funds went on as usual.  Towards the end of the year, the whole equity portfolio was in red barring a few stocks. Though the mutual funds portfolio is quite profitable.
  • Completed 11 years in Singapore.
  • Blogging took a backseat.  I have no plans of abandoning this medium though i have been more active on Facebook.
  • Took the longest vacation (of a month) ever since i started working. It started off as a normal vacation but circumstances forced the vacation to be extended.

Previous years recap: 2008, 2009, 2010

More excited about 2012 as i have some big plans lined up and if they all work well, it should be yet another defining year in my life.

Update: And ya, this is my 700th post. Cant believe i have managed to spew out so much in 4 years.


2010 – A Recap

  • Completed 10 years in Singapore.  Never thought that i would last so long here.
  • For the second consecutive year, didn’t fall sick even for a single day.
  • Lost more than 13 kgs in 4 months and overall 17 kgs to bring my BMI down to a healthy 23.
  • Significant investments done in equity and mutual funds.
  • Bought Gold ETFs for the first time ever.
  • This blog had 100,000 hits after almost 2 years of moving here. My previous WordPress blog used to have so many hits in 1-2 months itself 😉
  • Blogged infrequently, but wrote more original posts unlike last time when i just blogged more about the news.
  • Read 13 books and quite a few audio books too; making this year the most prolific when it came to reading.
  • Had just one holiday this year and that was a visit back home to India.
  • Read more about finance, investing. Diversified my investments and started reading more about the financial reports of the companies I had invested in.
  • Watched tons of movies, but was so busy that hardly had time to update the Movies page of this blog.  Hope to be much more regular next year.
  • Made some significant plans for the next year and will disclose them as and when they happen 😀

Overall, nothing great about the year.  Looking forward to the new year with excitement.  Hoping and wishing for an exciting new phase of life.

Previous recaps here – 20092008

Let me take this opportunity to wish all of you and your loved ones a Happy & Prosperous New Year – 2011

Meanwhile, let me leave you with a few images of the wonderful skyline of the beautiful city of Singapore where the New Year celebrations are to be held.

Click on the images for a bigger version.

Above images courtesy: Marina Bay Countdown


2009 – A recap

  1. Completed my MBA. Finally.
  2. Went Bangkok for Valentine’s day
  3. Visited Velankanni church and fulfilled a long pending desire of mine.
  4. Celebrated our first Wedding Anniversary at Hyderabad among friends and family.
  5. My brother got married.
  6. Moved my blog from WordPress to a self hosted domain.  Went with the WordPress recommendation of Justhost as the service provider; and their service has been superb.  Havent had any issues with them yet.
  7. Completed 5 years of blogging. Non-stop.
  8. Completed 9 years in Singapore.  Never believed i would last so long here.
  9. Increased my investments in the stock market. Took the crash in the begining of the year as an opportunity to buy into some good stocks at cheap.  And when the market recovered a bit, i was into profits already.
  10. Didnt fall sick even a single day the whole year.  Thank God for small mercies. Hope it stays that way.
  11. Wifey joined me here in Singapore.  Loving it.
  12. Started off slow, but in the last 2 months of the year, read 4 books.  Hope to continue into the new year.
  13. Watched almost 150 movies in the whole year. Managed to document only around 120 of them in the Movies page

In 2008

2008 – A recap

A lot of good things and humongous amount of ugly things happened in 2008.  The global financial meltdown, terror attacks in Bombay and the rest of the country, millions of job losses, more than 20 banks going bust in the US.  Big investment companies like Lehman, Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns etc down the drain.  All the bad things were very promptly covered by the world media.  So, let me look at some of the best things that happened to me this year.

Best thing to happen to me in 2008

I got married.  Is there anything better than this? 🙂

Travel in 2008

I made 4 trips to India this year and contributed my part to global warming.  So, other than the regular trips home, 2008 has been a pretty dry year when it came to travel.  2009 seems more promising as i already have lots of travel plans lined up now that i have my wife as my travel partner.

Movies in 2008

Have lost count of the number of movies i watched this year.  It should be more than 150.  That means around one in 2 days.  Fortunately, i dont restrict myself to any particular genre or language,  so i have had the honour of watching some truly remarkable movies across languages

Let me emphasize that all the movies mentioned below are not necessarily released this year.  These are just some of the movies that i saw this year which impressed me.

A Wednesday
Oye Lucky Lucky Oye
Jodhaa Akbar
Subramaniapuram (Tamil)
Dasavatharam (Tamil)
Gamyam (Telugu)
Slumdog Millionaire
Dark Knight
Children of Men
Death at a Funeral
Before Sunset
3:10 to Yuma
Rebel without a cause
The Towering Inferno
In Bruges
Gran Torino
28 weeks later
Rang-E-Khoda (Colour of Paradise) – Iranian
Bacheha-Ye aseman (Children of Heaven) – Iranian

Books in 2008

Kaoboys of R&AW – B Raman
Eleven Minutes – Paulo Coelho
Reluctant Fundamentalist – Mohsin Hamid
Freakonomics – Steven Levitt
Barefoot Investor – Scott Pape
Undercover Economist – Tim Harford
It happened in India – Kishore Biyani
We are like that only – Rama Bijapurkar
The World is Flat – Thomas Friedman
Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham

Investments in 2008

At the begining of the year even though there were predictions that the world economy was in for a rough ride, no one would have believed if the markets would be at a situation where it is now.  From 20,000 to 9000, the Sensex has been on a mother of all crashes.  My portfolio is totally in the red.  But then as some great soul said…

Buy when everyone sells and sell when everyone buys

Iam buying and have built up quite a bit of my portfolio by now.  I averaged out quite a lot of my losses and surely dont need the market to climb back to 20k to see a positive portfolio.  I still cant believe why people keep advising me that i should start buying only when the market is stable.

How does one judge when a market turns stable?  The worst thing you can do is to time the market.  Its practically impossible for anyone to guess the top and the bottom of the market. The only thing a long term investor can do is to religiously invest a bit of his savings in the market and cash out when he hits paydirt.

Career in 2008

Nothing interesting happened in my career during 2008. In fact, hanging on to the job one has is the mantra in this gloomy economy. In fact this is a good time to start studying and get certified in some courses that can make a difference when the economy rebounds.

My resolution for 2009

…. is to have no resolutions 😉