Top 5 Reasons Why Croatia Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

Croatia is increasingly becoming one of the top travel destinations in Europe for many reasons. This charming country is situated on the Adriatic Sea in Eastern Europe and offers tremendous features and endless wonders that attract travelers from all walks of life. Statistics from Croatia’s tourist board indicate that visits from British travel enthusiasts rose in 2015 by more than a quarter.

Additionally, the same resource hints that Croatia records almost 26% increase in overnight stays annually. There are many reasons why Croatia has fast grown to become a travel hot spot, such as its unique location, legendary music scenes, beautiful architecture, unforgettable Game of Thrones scenery, incredible history, and the perfect climate just to mention a few.

These are the Top 5 Reasons Why Croatia Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination:

National Parks

Croatia is blessed with more than eight unique National Parks that offer several hours of walking and exploring. One of the renowned National Parks in this country is the Plitvice, which is mostly famous for its emerald lakes. It gets difficult to move around in summer as huge crowds jostle to snap the photos and videos of its beauty.

krka national park
Another popular option is the Krka National Park. This enticing destination is known for its winding boardwalks that criss-cross the river while flowing through the park in proximity to the spectacular waterfall. You can dip yourself in the crystal clear waters in summer to cool your body off after day-long exploration.

The Coastal Scenery

The Coastal part of Croatia offers another seamless reason to pay a visit to this country. The Adriatic coast waters are an appealing blue-green gem adjoining Europe’s best beaches. There are no crowds in spring, and the coastline seems quiet. However, you must bring a jacket with you to avoid feeling the breeze.

croatia coast

The Croatian pebbly shores create a fantastic picturesque location with the changing splutters of white pebbles. Dubrovnik is situated toward the southern section of the country, while the northern coastline is lined with Roman remains, villages, vineyards, and alluring beaches and coves.

Mljet Island

The Mljet Island is best known as a paradise on earth and suits anyone who yearns for a sense of heaven. This idyllic island goes utterly silent in spring. And that is the ideal time for relaxing on the island. There’s a ferry in Dubrovnik that will take you on a short journey as you leave the world of paradise behind and embark on your visit to the most southern island of Dalmatia.

The pine forest covers more than 70% of the island, which makes it verdantly amazing. The isolated salt-water lake is similarly an idyllic setting that is undisturbed. It absolutely creates a whole new experience for visitors.

Exquisite Cities

Although Croatia is a rather small country as regards to size, it is a home to major cities that provide unique urban landscapes for exploring. The capital city of this nation is called Zagreb. Its vibrant downtown region is a home to intriguing natural settings and Croatia property agencies covering Dalmatia and the islands.


These agencies specialize in the sales of International coastal property, traditional stone houses, and first line property. The city also accommodates dramatic landscapes that offer exceptional natural settings to explore.

Game of Thrones Appeal

A correlation exists between Croatia’s rising population and its starring role in the Game of Thrones series. Many attractions featured in the HBO series Game of Thrones, including Dubrovnik whose forts and city walls turned out to become the King’s Landing.

The magnificent Trsteno Arboretum located in the city suburbs became the Red Keep’s gardens. Additionally, the Fortress of Klis was used for the exterior shots of Mereen. St Dominic Monastery located in Trogir appeared in the series as Qarth. All these instances make Croatia special, unique and worth visiting.

  • Alex Dragas (Guest Writer)



Bangkok beckons this V-Day

Am going off to Bangkok tomorrow for a short holiday with biwi ji.  Will be back in Singapore late on 17th night.  The first Valentine’s day post marriage will be at the Thai capital, which also known as “Krung Thep Maha Nakhon” meaning “City of Angels“.



Meanwhile Muthalik and his chaddi gang with the active co-operation of BJP (with elections coming up they are already raking up the Ram temple issue) didnt anticipate public anger post the Mangalore roughing up of girls in a pub.  Perhaps, BJP and its chaddi gang allies still live in the notion that the people of this country want another form of Taliban in this country and that people are willing to vote for politics that was fashioned in the 80s.


There have been calls of pub bharo (fill up the pubs) on V-Day, carry chilli powder and pepper sprays, hockey sticks and bash up the chaddi gang members if and when they try to stop people from living the life they want to.

I would love to see some bashed up faces of the Ram Sene goons in the media soon.  When we have eunuchs like Ye dur dur dur appa and Chidhu in power, we simply cant trust them to deliver justice to us.  What we need to do is to not to beg for our rights, but to assert them, if need be with a bit of violence.

These chaddi gang members and other religious nuts have no business telling us the kind of lives we should live.  If they are so concerned about the Indian culture and values, they are free and go mate with some cows and drink their urine.

PS: Meanwhile, dont forget to send your pink chaddis to the cross dresser Muthalik and his gang members of Ram Sene.  I do have some stinking underwear with me and was wondering how to send it to them.


Easter Wishes

easter graphic

And so, it brings to an end 49 eventful days of this year’s lent season. Managed to hang on to my vegetarian spell all through. I thought it was a breeze this year inspite of the fact that apart from staying away from meat and fish, i also stayed away from egg. Iam a sucker for eggs. My favourite is a 4 eggs omlette with lots of tomatoes and cheese thrown in. That recipe, some other time.

Ya, ya cholesterol and all that stuff is not for me. Anyway, for the first time i didn’t wish for anything during this lent season. I just went ahead with it. But then surprise, some great things are happening for me. Will share them in due course of time.

Meanwhile, a good song to ring in this year’s Easter. “One of us” by Joan Osborne. A nice and meaningful song.

What if God was one of us
Just a slob like one of us
Just a stranger on the bus
Trying to make his way home

Above picture courtesy: Yahoo American Greetings


I just cant wait…

hyderabadi biryani

After years of eating in Singapore, i will soon be able to taste the real ‘Hyderabadi Dum Biryani‘. Yummy, the very thought makes my mouth water. Bawarchi, Parwaaz, Paradise….here i come.

Yup, i will be spending my Christmas and New Year in Hyderabad. Iam eager to go around the city and see the changes, shop like crazy and meet up with friends. But overall, nothing beats the feeling of being back home in Hyderabad celebrating Christmas with my family. The chill in the air makes Christmas even more interesting. Carols, midnight mass at the church, the christmas tree at my home, the lights, the decorations, the cakes and the sumptous spread that’s gonna be laid out is something am really looking forward to.

It will be my first holiday after my previous trip to Hyderabad last year August. I need this break badly. Have been working continuously without a break for about 16 months now. Yup, aside to the blogging, investing, studying, dreaming of HER, i do have a regular day job with a 24 x 7 standby as a bonus. I have cut down on my travelling a lot as i realised that there is nothing more foolish than spending my hard earned money on travelling to some place just to keep parity with my colleagues and friends. I rather save that money and invest so that it can help me in achieving my goal of getting out of this rut of a regular day job.

Other than the gorging of the food ( anyway, i will come back and hit the gym to burn off the extra kilos), i plan to shop for some books and clothes. Also find out some information on a few courses/exams that i plan to pursue in the next year. I will update on this blog once i manage to gather all the information. If i have the time, i plan to even go and see the new Hyderabad International Airport coming up at Shamshabad.

Hope to be in Hyderabad on Wednesday evening if our dear Indian Airlines (Indian) doesnt screw up the schedules again. Yup, IA has lived up to its reputation as one of the most sucky and lousy airlines in the whole world by cancelling the Singapore – Hyderabad flight and now i have been thrown into the Singapore – Chennai – Hyderabad route. I will be swatting flies in the Chennai airport for about 5 hours. Can you believe that? My 4 hour travel has now been extended to 9 hours (almost).

And that Civil Aviation minister, Praful Patel was saying the other day that the media criticizes Indian Airlines/Air India unnecessarily for the delays. I have flown Singapore Airlines, Silkair, Thai, Jet Airways. Each one of them has provided exceptional service. None as pathetic as Air India / Indian Airlines.

This is precisely the reason why i believe that, running a business is not the business of the government.

Are you listening Mr Patel? Or am i not enough of a vote bank for you?


Happy Birthday


Ahem, its my birthday today (19 November). Ya, another year older. Another year wiser (is it?). Another year closer to death. Whatever. I took off from work today and tomorrow. For what? I really don’t know. I have some leaves to clear, so chose this day to clear them off. Also my toe has not yet healed and i still walk with a slight limp. So, the 2 day off has come at an appropriate time for me to rest and relax at home.

Meanwhile, a random search threw up some interesting information about the people i share my birthday with. Never realized that i shared my birthday with such impressive set of people. Will i ever be able to achieve even one percent of what these people have achieved? Well, lets leave that to time.

A list of people who have the honour of sharing their birthdays with me include 😉

Jodie FosterActor
Indira Gandhi Former Prime Minister of India
Sushmita SenMiss Universe 1994
Calvin KleinFashion Designer
Ted TurnerOwns CNN, Time Warner
Larry KingTalk show host on CNN
Jack WelchFormer CEO of General Electric
Meg RyanActor
Peter F DruckerManagement Guru

Meanwhile, other than the R&R, i have booked for myself a nice massage, dinner and finally a late night movie. All by myself. Ya, sometimes we do need to reward ourselves. Afterall, i have achieved all my targets for the year, much in advance 😉

Above picture courtesy: YahooAmericanGreetings