The swine speaketh

Macho Shiv Sena leader Bal Thackeray has again come under limelight after he slammed India’s cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar in an editorial piece in Shiv Sena’s mouthpiece ‘Saamna’.

According to the reports, Bal Thackeray has come down heavy on Tendulkar’s remark. The master blaster had asserted that he is extremely proud of being a Maharashtrian, but he also added that Mumbai is a part of India and he plays for India.

Criticising master blaster for his remarks, Bal Thackeray urged Tendulkar to stay away from politics and concentrate on his game.

On Sunday, Tendulkar sent a poignant message to all who have been fighting for the cause of the Marathis.

Source: Headlines India

Ya, Sachin should concentrate on the game of cricket because Bal Thuggeray  continues his business of inciting hatred and violence even with one leg in the grave along with his nephew Raj Thuggeray.  While the bloody Congress / NCP government you elected to keep you safe and sound is busy politicking and finding out how much it would cost (swindle) to put up Shivaji’s statue in the  Arabian sea.

Meanwhile the price of daily essential goods skyrocket and farmers continue to commit suicide in droves all over Maharashtra unable to repay their debts.  And we are busy with our marathi pride.

We deserve such swines.


Paper tiger blames grapes for being sour

The paper tiger of Maharashtra does what he does best, barking from behind the high walls of Matoshree or in the editorials of Saamna.  No one takes Bal Thuggeray serious anymore, but you cant discount the comedy that one gets out of his comments.

Stunned by his party’s third consecutive defeat at the hustings, Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray today blamed the people of Maharashtra for “pushing the state back into hell” by re-electing the Congress-Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) combine.

In an editorial in the Shiv Sena mouthpiece Saamna, which expressed the party’s shock and anguish over its rout in the 2009 assembly polls, the Sena chief and the newspaper’s editor wondered what were the great achievements of the Democratic Front government in the past 10 years that made people to vote for it.

“There was corruption, load-shedding, Maoist terror which killed policemen, suicides of thousands of farmers, Mumbai terror attacks, etc,” Thackeray noted in the editorial.

The results of the assembly elections held Oct 13 gave the Congress 82 seats and the NCP 62 — totalling 144 in the 288-member assembly. The opposition alliance got a drubbing with only 90 seats, the Shiv Sena getting 44 and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) 46. The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) got 13 seats.

Thackeray blamed the people for the defeat of the Shiv Sena-Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) saffron alliance and for bringing back a “naalayak” (useless) government.

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I would seriously miss this fellow when he steps into the grave.


The Coward that is Raj Thackeray


Raj Thuggeray’s Z category security has been reduced, he is panicking.  The self proclaimed protector of the Marathi manoos is peeing in his pants now realising that there are gangs of youth out there wanting to kill him.  I sincerely hope that the government doesn’t extend security to Raj and expose him to the mob which should lynch him just the same way his mob lynched the poor workers from UP and Bihar.

This whole issue just shows that Raj Thackeray is nothing but a goon.  A simple rowdy sheeter who operates just because he has a few followers who are ready to follow his misguided politics.  Just like his uncle, Bal Thuggeray and cousin, Udhav Thuggeray who never step out of the well called Maharashtra, Raj is just another frog in that well.  If Raj likes to play by the sword, he should be willing to die by it and not go back crying momma to the government asking them to restore his Z category security so that he can continue his politics of hate.

MNS requests Maharashtra governor to restore Raj’s security

A delegation of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena leaders met Maharashtra Governor S C Jamir on Monday, requesting him to restore ‘Z’ category security of MNS chief Raj Thackeray

“We have requested to give ‘Z’ category security to Raj Thackeray, in the wake of continuous threats to him,” MNS leader Shishir Shinde, who led the delegation, told PTI.

Raj’s security was withdrawn by the state government, the delegation told Jamir and requested him to direct the Congress-NCP government to restore the MNS leader’s security. The Governor assured the delegation of taking up Raj’s security issue with the state government.

“It should be the endeavour of political parties to respect the sentiments of every citizen and maintain the unity and integrity of the country,” the Governor told the delegation.

Above news from: Rediff


Balls Thackeray at it again

Ya, the paper tiger of Bombay is at it again. In yet another WTF comment on his 82nd birthday (God, why is he not yet dead?), he wants all houses in Bombay to be reserved for Marathis.

Reserve 50 per cent of the houses for Marathi manush (common man). Otherwise, we will launch an agitation and not allow even a brick to be laid,” Thackeray said.

He also said that it’s time for a Marathi to take over as the Prime Minister of India. He even dropped the name of a potential candidate, saying Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) President Sharad Pawar was ‘prime ministerial material’.

Still wanna read the rest of his crap? Ok, click here.


Narendra Modi – The butcher of Gujarat

narendra modi

Read the explosive article by Tehelka on how Narendra Modi planned, executed the riots in Gujarat post the Godhra train fire. How he let the mobs run free for 3 full days killing, maiming muslims and raping their women, children and systematically burning/destroying their business and economic activity.

As the Supreme Court observed, “Narendra Modi played the perfect Nero who fiddled while Gujarat burnt“. Shameless, unable to take the repeated pointed questions from Karan Thapar, he excused himself from the interview on “Devil’s Advocate“. If you see the video, you can see the guilt on his face. Will it make him repent and accept his part in the holocaust he perpetrated in Gujarat? Well, the Indian politician is made of thick skin, and he/she has never been known to accept their mistakes.

Rajiv Gandhi and his cronies went unpunished for the thousands of Sikhs who were massacared post Indira Gandhi’s killing. Bal Thackeray still lords over Mumbai inspite of instigating riots in Mumbai which led to the Bombay bomb blasts. And we have Lal Kishan Advani who was the chief conspirator behind the demolition of the Babri Masjid, which led to large scale riots all over India. And, today he is planning to become the Prime Minister again.

Will all these criminals ever be bought to justice? Well, Rajiv Gandhi met his. We wait for the rest of the justice to be played out.