Bombs blasts rock Hyderabad

Another bomb blast in Hyderabad late last night. Fingers have started pointing back to a Beggardesh Bangladesh based terror outfit. After Porkistan Pakistan, we now have Bangladesh based terror outfits that are hell bent on creating havoc. Considering the fact that the birth of Bangladesh has been courtesy our bigheartedness, its indeed distressing to see being stabbed in the back just because they can’t digest our growth.

So, what can we do going about responding to this challenge? A few options are there which can be tried out.

  • Just block all economic movement into Bangladesh. Make sure that they suffer economically. No more free trade with them. Increase the tarrifs to make all Bangladesh imports costlier.
  • The Brahmaputra river normally kills about 10-20 thousand people in Bangladesh annually. Let the Indian govt open the gates of all the dams built over the river upstream and flood Bangladesh. Flood the plains of Bangladesh and once their harvest is drowned in water, they will come begging to us.
  • Bangladesh already has lots of internal strife. India can add fuel to the fire and fan the flames.

The right way of dealing with terror is to raise the cost of ‘generating terror’. To make it so costly for the country/entity that is promoting terror that they should be terrified of the consequences.

But our dear old Congress wont do anything. Cos they are so happy with their fucked up policy of “muslim appeasement”. They dont want to oppose the Iranian nuclearisation or have better relations with the US or Israel because of fear of losing the muslim vote. Fuck man. If the muslims are so concerned about Iran, Porkistan Pakistan, Beggardesh Bangladesh, let them go and live there in those rotting conditions. What are they doing in India then?

Why don’t we start off by kicking these people off our land?

As for all the police and intelligence officials who slept over the specific threat information passed to them by the Intelligence Bureau? How do we deal with them? Why don’t we start off by some public executions or some mob lynching of the corrupt policemen/officials.


Russian abs – Vladimir Putin


Pictures courtesy: Rediff

These pictures have become a rage among women and the gay community in Russia. The pictures were taken during a fishing trip Putin had with Prince Albert of Monaco. At 54, this black belt in Judo and ex-boss of the Russian secret agency KGB, he does have a terrific body. Now only if George ‘Dubya’ Bush would expose his torso and we can compare between the two.

Till then, drool on…


Now, Salman Khan goes jail


Picture courtesy: SantaBanta

After Sanju baba, its Sallu miyan who goes to jail now. I simply cant stop laughing. Ya, ya, i know i sound mean. But then just a week ago we saw Salman saying that he doesnt know who John Abraham is, who Vivek Oberoi is. He was so haughty that he rejected the attempts of Vivek to apologise for some previous grudge.

Am sure Vivek and John are having the last laugh. Dear Salman, it pays to remember this saying always. “Be good to people on your way up. You will soon meet them on your way down“.

I just hope he doesn’t get any relief in the higher courts and rots in the jail for the next 5 years. Its indeed terrible to see a bloody killer prancing around on the silver screen.

So….who’se next? 😀


Onam is here

Avial, Steaming rice, parippu, pappadam, pickles, Kalan, Thoran, Banana Chips, Payasam, Kichdi…. Yummy. Onam is coming and this is one time i miss my mother’s cooking the most. Every Onam, at home we go vegetarian. My mother makes some of the best mallu vegetarian food i have ever eaten. Some of the best Kerala delicacies. No steel, glass or china crockery that day. Food has to be served on banana leaf. Payasam would be kept in the fridge to chill before eating. Mmmmm….heavenly.

Staying so far away from home, i can only dream of the food. This time, i have decided to cook a few of them. Have downloaded the recipes of a few of them from the net. Even though Onam is on 27th (Monday), i will have a feast at home starting saturday itself. My cooking success or disaster will be mentioned here for sure. Anyway, will call up my mum to ask for some cooking tips.

Onam is a harvest festival. Since its more of a cultural festival, people of every religion have taken to it. Christians as well as Hindus and Muslims celebrate it with gusto. Schools are closed for 10 days vacation after the quarterly exams. Its something on the scale of Christmas in Kerala. Wikipedia has a good writeup on Onam.


The Indian President is worth US$ 175 billion

rashtrapati bhavan

Did someone say Bill Gates ? Carlos Slim ? Warren Buffet ?

This includes about Rs 600,000 crore (US$ 150 billion) worth shares in the name of the President of India across about 50 listed firms, while shares worth another Rs 100,000 crore (US$ 25 billion) in another 10 companies are registered in the name of the President’s nominees in the central government.

The Indian President holds shares in NTPC, Indian Oil, National Aluminium, MMTC, Neyveli Lignite, PFC, Punjab National Bank, SAIL, BHEL etc. Read the rest of the article here

Now, I want the fund manager who does all the stock picking for the President to do the same for me.


India – Aussie Bhai Bhai ?

Aha, this is something. After all the dust raised by Australian Prime Minister, John Howard and his ministers vowing not to sell any uranium to India, it looks like the big brother America’s push seems to have done the trick.

Australia woos India with new strategic initiative

MELBOURNE: Intending to radically reshape its ties with India, Australia has endorsed a new strategic plan that proposes a raft of measures, including active diplomatic support for New Delhi’s bid for a permanent seat in an expanded UN Security Council and negotiating an FTA. The submission by Foreign Minister Alexander Downer was endorsed by a full Cabinet, ‘The Australian’ reported on Monday.

The strategy contains specific initiatives and is designed to elevate the India relationship to a core element in Australia’s international orientation, along with the US, Japan, China and Indonesia, it said. Apart from allowing the export of uranium – approval for which was announced last week by Howard – the recommendations include formal and active diplomatic support for India’s bid to become a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

This is a move that indicates Canberra’s elevation of India to core relationship status, the daily said. Australia has been a supporter of Japan becoming a permanent member of the Security Council and the Howard government in the past has also suggested Indonesia should acquire such status.

Apart from the obvious synergy in energy trade, the familiar common-law system in India and its dazzling success in IT mean that a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) should also provide enormous opportunities for Australian companies in the services sector which could be worth billions of dollars, the daily said. Surprised at how rapidly the Indian economy has grown, the Conservative government of Prime Minister John Howard wants to enhance relations with the country.

News courtesy: Times of India