Vijay Mallya buys Spyker F1

vijay mallya

Vijay Mallya works just like he speaks. Further to his previous interview with CNN-IBN where he spoke about the rumours about buying out a F1 team, he has done it. Yup, Vijay Mallya finally gained exclusivity by acquiring the Spyker team for a 90 million euro joint-bid alongside Michael Mol which will ensure a significant Indian presence in F1.

Read more about this deal here and here

Yay Mallya, You’re the man. Now, time to bring the Formula One race to India. Whoopie.


MALABAR CY 07-2 – The largest Naval War Games

The largest Naval War Games in the Bay of Bengal will be played out between the navies of India, USA, Japan, Australia and Singapore. The exercises, near the Andaman Islands, will be held close to China’s monitoring stations at Coco Islands and near the strategic Malacca Straits. China is already wary of an emerging NATO-like quadrilateral security engagement between India, Australia, US and Japan and sees it as a ‘strategic encirclement’ of the country.

naval exercises

The participants and their fleet include

Australia – Frigate: Adelaide and Tanker ship: Sirius.

Japan – Missile Destroyers: Oonami and Udachi.

USA – Aircraft carriers: USS Nimitz, USS Kitty Hawk, Submarine: USS Chicago, Destroyers: John Paul Jones, Mustin, Curtis Wilbur, Chafee, Higgins, Pinckney.

India – Aircraft carrier: INS Viraat, Guided missile destroyers, Frigates: Two Rajput class, one Delhi class, two Godavari class, one Brahmaputra class, HDW 209, Kilo class submarines, TU 142 long range maritime reconnaissance aircraft and Jaguar fighters.

Singapore – Frigate: Formidable.

More writeup on the exercises here and here.


US$ 10 billion, 126 fighter planes

The world’s 4th largest air force, The Indian Air force has finally put up the Request for Proposal for 126 multi role combat aircraft. The deal is worth an estimated Rs.42,000 crores (US$ 10 billion).


A Sukhoi-30MKI of No.20 Squadron armed with five R-77 Adder and six R-73E Training missiles (Bharat Rakshak)

In the race to bag the prestigious order are these 6 vendors

MIG-35(RAC MiG) – Russia
JAS-39 (Gripen) – Sweeden
Dassault Rafale – France
F-16 Falcon (Lockheed Martin) – USA
Boeing’s F/A-18 Super Hornet – USA
Eurofighter Typhoon – Made by a consortium of British, German, Spanish and Italian firms


Of death and a T-Shirt

What do you do when a very good friend of yours buys a T-Shirt for you. Packs it. Hands it over to someone to deliver to you.

…and then, the same day, he is crossing a railway track busily talking on the phone and a train hits him. He dies a horrible death.

Its 2 months hence. His gift has reached me today. I don’t know what to do. Its simply too painful for me just looking at the shirt.

I might never wear it.