The farce that is Indian Idol

As the Indian Idol-3 reaches its climax, here’s a cool song from the winner of the first ever Indian Idol. Abhijeet Sawant with Junoon.

But, i should admit that iam not a great believer in singing/acting competitions. For me, one is born with such talents. And the best talent reaches its milestone the hard way. Sonu Nigam is a prime example. Maybe such competitions give a better platform for the singers to exhibit their abilities. But then, the whole exercise is skewed, with judges taking sides and regional feelings coming into play during the nationwide voting. At the end, the best never wins the competition. Maybe they should rename the competition “The Popular Indian Idol”.

Though am a great believer in democracy and in the power of the vote. I don’t really have much confidence in the common man’s ability to think beyond petty beliefs when they vote. For example, just look at the idiots who rule our country.


My 100th post


Yup, this is my 100th post on this WordPress blog. I dont think i have been this prolific in my earlier avatar on rediffblogs. Maybe its just that i like this blogging tool so much that i cant help chirp constantly.

100 posts in 42 days is something i never believed i could do. That’s at the rate of 2.38 posts per day. Hmmm…


Gym after a long hard day at work

california fitness

After a long hiatus of 8 months, i kicked my sorry ass to gym today. After a hectic day at office, i was in two minds. But still pulled myself to the gym. Didn’t exert myself as i did not want to wake up the next morning with cramps. So, restricted myself to some cardio and crunches.

A nice time out in the steam bath made me really doze off. I really like it when i sweat it out in the steam bath after some heavy duty workout. Also i have realised that my nose and throat too clears after a session at the steam bath.

I need to hit the gym regularly. Have plans of going home this year end. And i surely dont want my dad to nag at me when he sees that i have been neglecting my body. A six-pack was my target at the begining of the year. After 8 months of lethargy, all i have is a small paunch. Forget a 4 pack, a flat stomach itself is a challenge. Well i’ve got 3 months. Let see how things work out.

Above picture is of California Fitness, the gym that i visit. I like the place. Superb equipments and the facilities are great too. I have been a member of this gym for more than 2 years now. Dont look at me. Looks can be deceiving.


Gold consumption in India may cross 1000 tonnes


Gold consumption in India is likely to cross the 1,000-tonne mark for the first time if prices remain stable or grow steadily, according to World Gold Council (WGC). Consumption rose over 70% to 528 tonne in the first half of the current year from 307 tonne in the corresponding period last year. The consumption was a little over 700 tonne in 2006.

Globally, the consumption in the first half of the year was 1,480 tonne – an increase of 25% over the same period last year.


Twin Peaks


The cartoon perfectly sums up the situation in the morning when i take the bus to work. At the same bus stop a girl too takes the same bus as mine. She is very well endowed and as she walks to the bus, the whole gang at the bus stop quit all that they are doing and concentrate on the twin peaks swaying in the wind with gay abandon.

Its not the Pamela Anderson’s football types. These are perfect fit for the girl and in a way for her physical size, her assets stand out. The best is when, she is late and has to run to catch up with the bus. That’s what everyone in the bus stop prays for when they leave home.

The best are the middle aged men. The ones in the late 30s and above. The most lecherous. They can make a woman pregnant just with their looks. Such potent eyes they have. Trust me on this. Education has nothing to do with the way a man percieves a woman. Men are very simple creatures. All they have on their mind, all the time is nothing but Sex. Plain and simple.

Above cartoon courtesy: Cartoon Stock


How a Muslim Billionaire Thrives in Hindu India


“The world’s richest Muslim entrepreneur defies conventional wisdom about Islamic tycoons: He doesn’t hail from the Persian Gulf, he didn’t make his money in petroleum, and he definitely doesn’t wear his faith on his sleeve.”

“A native of Mumbai, Azim Premji has tapped India’s abundant engineering talent to transform a family vegetable-oil firm, Wipro Ltd., into a technology and outsourcing giant. By serving Western manufacturers, airlines and utilities, the company has brought Mr. Premji a fortune of some $17 billion — believed to be greater than that of any other Muslim outside of Persian Gulf royalty.”

“Unlike those observers and Muslim community leaders, Mr. Premji bristles impatiently when the plight of the broader Muslim populace is cited. “This whole issue of Hindu-Muslim in India is completely overhyped,” the 62-year-old executive says.”

“Mr. Premji has mentioned his Muslim background so rarely in public that many Indian Muslims don’t even know he shares their heritage. None of Wipro’s senior managers aside from Mr. Premji himself are Muslims. The company maintains normal working hours on Islamic high holidays. Among its 70,000 employees, there’s only a “sprinkling” of Muslims, according to Sudip Banerjee, president of a division that accounts for a third of revenue.”

“In an interview at Wipro’s sleek Bangalore campus, which had just been visited by a group of Israeli businessmen, Mr. Premji scoffed at the idea he should display his Muslim identity or champion the cause of Muslim advancement in India. “We’ve always seen ourselves as Indian. We’ve never seen ourselves as Hindus, or Muslims, or Christians or Buddhists,” he said.”

“These secularist values came to him naturally. There was no madrassa in Mr. Premji’s own education. He attended a Mumbai Catholic school, St. Mary’s, and then studied electrical engineering at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif.”

“As a prominent Muslim businessman in the 1940s, Mr. Premji’s late father, M.H. Premji, faced repeated requests for support from Pakistan’s fiery founder, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, who offered the father a cabinet-minister job in the new Muslim country. But the Premji family didn’t believe in a religious state, and refused to move. “We did not think in these terms,” Mr. Premji says. “There were roots in India, there were roots in Bombay. Why should one in any way dislodge these roots?”

Read the rest of the article here.


The Online Film Festival for One Minute Movies


Do you have a passion for cinema? Would you like to direct your own movie? Heck, would you like to win any of the below mentioned prizes?

# 15 days Internship with Anurag Kashyap on the sets of his next film DEV D ,in Delhi, approximately around December/January

# Writing Internship with Hansal Mehta for his next movie, in Bombay, approximately around March/April 2008

# 30 days Internship with Pavan Kaul on his next proposed film, around mid 2008.

#15 days Theater internship with Ramu Ramanathan for Festivals and Plays, around end of December/January

# Internship with Onir on his next movie which begins around early to mid 2008

#30 day Internship with Nishikant Kamat on his next movie which begins around April 2008

Then, take out your digital cameras, mobile phones, camcorder or anything else that can capture a motion picture and shoot a one minute film that is based on a true story.

Cant control your excitement? Click here for all information about “The Online Film Festival for One Minute Movies“.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry, Last date of accepting entries is November 15th, 2007. Start shooting

PS: Passion for Cinema is an independent movie website. I do not work for them. Neither have I been paid nor have i been asked to write this post.  Iam a frequent visitor of the website and this article is in my personal interest.


Reliance Buys Malaysian Yarn Maker Hualon Corp

reliance industries

Reliance Industries Ltd., the world’s largest producer of yarn used for making textiles, agreed to buy assets of Malaysia’s bankrupt Hualon Corp. to expand capacity by 25 percent. The purchase will help Reliance increase its polyester- making capacity to 2.5 million metric tons and increase revenue by $1 billion, the Mumbai-based company said in an emailed statement today. Reliance will control 7 percent share of the world’s polyester yarn and fiber market, the company said.

Reliance Industries, owner of the world’s third-largest refinery, and Rohm & Haas Co. on March 22 said they plan to build a plant in India to make chemicals used in paints and plastics as demand rises because of a construction boom.

The Philadelphia-based Rohm & Haas, the world’s biggest producer of acrylic monomers for paints and plastics, may build a 200,000 ton-a-year plant at Jamnagar in western India. Reliance’s refinery is based in Jamnagar.

Read rest of the article here.


Amul is Asia's leading brand


Utterly, Butterly, Delicious Amul. Which Indian hasn’t heard this punch line. A co-operative movement started by milkmen in Gujarat has today spawned a monolith that is run by 26 lakh (2.6 million) milk producers. Amul, today has a yearly turnover of more than a billion USD. The girl with big round eyes, polka dot skirt and a pony tail with a small ribbon has never changed for more than 60 years. In fact the ads have entered the Guinness Book of World Records for being the longest running campaign ever.

Quite fittingly, Amul has been declared Asia’s leading brand. Cheese, Butter, Milk, Sweets, Ghee, Curd, Ice Cream, Chocolate, Confectionery, Milk drink, Health beverage. You name it, Amul has it.

Read more about this story here. For a list of all the satire the Amul way, click here. Some astounding numbers about the Amul growth taken from the website

amul data