Shoot 'Em Up – a review

I have a very simple logic. If a movie stars Monica Bellucci, watch it. Plain and simple. Add to that Clive Owen and the drool factor simply increases. Ever since i watched Malena, i simply cant seem to have enough of Monica Bellucci. She is what i would say Yummy…slurp…slurp. Given a chance to have some person for dinner, i would easily choose her. Everything about her is large. Tall, big breasts, thick lips, long never ending legs… i can go on.

shoot em up

In fact i like her so much that i saw Irreversible too. Even sat through the 15 minute graphic rape scene in the movie. Just because it starred her. Anyways, Shoot ’em up is a good time pass movie. If you like slam, bang, thank you maam kinda movies, you may catch it. Also its a pretty short movie. So, there’s no feeling as if one has wasted their time. From the moment the movie starts, it takes you on an amazing action packed journey.

Though some of the stunts do remind us of our dear old Mithun Chakraborthy or Rajnikanth movies, still its a fun ride. I have been completely avoiding any hollywood stuff for a long while now. This year have watched only Shooter, Die Hard-4, Bourne Supremacy and Shoot ’em up. Now you see the common thread running through them. Yup, am a sucker for a good action movie.

Hari-da-Puttar (Harry Potter), Lord of the rings, Shrek 1,2,3,4,5 and the numerous other sequels, prequels etc are not worth my money.


We are the Champions

Yahooooooo……..   England, South Africa, Australia and now Pakistan in the Final. Yes, we beat every top team en route to win the World Cup.  We deserve this. Enjoyyyy. Am gonna hit the gym tonight to let off the steam 😉 Whoopieeeee.

india team

winning wicket

lap of honour

shah rukh

Guess who was in the stands? – Shah Rukh Khan himself


The Indian captain (Mahendra Singh Dhoni) with the trophy


All pictures courtesy: Cricinfo


Who will be the Twenty20 World Champion?

Will Dhoni and his boys do what a collective dream team of Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid could never deliver in a lifetime?

Will Dhoni be the next captain after the ‘magnificient’ Kapil Dev to ever win any form of a World Cup Cricket tournament for India? Or will the situation go to the head and India flatter to deceive, as always? Will the millions of audience worldwide be treated to a mind blowing, pulsating, edge of the seat thriller? Well, lets leave that to time.

india and pakistan

Rival captains Shoaib Malik of Pakistan and Mahendra Singh Dhoni of India pose with the ICC World Twenty20 trophy. In the background is a statue of Nelson Mandela.

Its exactly at times like these that i miss being back at home in India with hot cups of steaming tea, pakoras (the greatest cricket maniac ever, my mom) and a cracker match on the telly. Meanwhile, India takes on Pakistan today for what is being billed as the ‘mother of all battles‘ to decide the winner of the Twenty-20 World Cup at Johannesburg, South Africa.

May God bless all the weak hearted cricket maniacs.

Above picture courtesy: Cricinfo