India develops tsunami-warning system

India has developed its own tsunami warning system, barely three years after it was caught off guard when the sea waves spawned by a massive earthquake wreaked havoc along its southern coastline.

The National Early Warning System for Tsunami and Storm Surges in the Indian Ocean, a project of the Ministry of Earth Sciences, has taken shape at the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) in Hyderabad.

Scientists last week installed two bottom pressure recorders (BPR), key sensors that indicate the generation of tsunami, off the Gujarat coast in the Arabian Sea. A set of four BPRs have already been installed in the Bay of Bengal region and were put to test on September 12 when a massive undersea earthquake hit southern Sumatra.

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Johnny Gaddaar – Review

johnny gaddaar

Whoopie, finally i got to watch Johnny Gaddaar this weekend. Its for sure among the best movies to come out this year. An absolute must watch. This movie is up there along with Anurag Kashyap’s Black Friday as one of the best. A crime caper where a gang of 5 plan to buy out drugs confiscated by a corrupt cop. And, then everything goes horribly wrong as one of the insider decides to betray the gang and decamp with the money. As the body count starts to pile up, the movie races to an exciting climax.

Scene stealers? Zakir Hussain, Vinay Pathak, Govind Namdeo and a special mention for Neil Nitin Mukesh. Am sure we are gonna see quite a lot of this guy in the future. Btw, its an awesome movie to make a debut in the industry. Special mention to the ‘He-Man’ Dharmendra. As he says in the movie…

Its not the age, its the mileage

Whoops. That dialogue is in itself the price of admission. Special mention to the director of the movie Shriram Raghavan. After ‘Ek Hasina Thi‘, he’s pulled off another fantabulous movie. The movie is a terrific homage to the crime capers, Vijay Anand used to churn out in the 60s and 70s.

My rating **** (4 stars of 5)


Weekend music – Dhoom 2

Crazy kiya re

Though i find Aishwarya Rai plain and boring, i should admit that this is one of her better choreographed songs. Or is it something to do with Hrithik? Ummm….well….maybe.

Dhoom again

Still remember, when i watched this movie (Dhoom-2), i was so transfixed with Hrithik, that i missed out on the opening credits that appeared alongside this song. So enthralled was I by the song picturisation and the energetic dancing.


Johnny Gaddaar


I simply cant believe this. Neither has Johnny Gaddaar nor Manorama-Six feet under released in Singapore. Honestly, Adlabs sucks big time.

Anil Ambani, i dont know how your business arrangement with Adlabs works, but honestly you need to look into the way the companies that you have invested in work. Producing movies are not the only way to go. You need to make sure that they are distributed well and that it reaches the intended masses as soon as possible. To make sure that piracy doesn’t eat into your revenues. Am sure you are not looking into the day to day working of the company and that Manmohan Shetty and his team do the job, but still…

Probably Adlabs and Shemaroo (producers of Manorama) should look at how Yash Raj films market their movies, which are even released in Golden Village here in Singapore. Anil, please go learn some marketing tips from your brother Mukesh at least. Sorry, but Iam really pissed off.


Isro plans a S.Asia GPS with 7 satellites

India will put a constellation of seven satellites into a geo-synchronous orbit in the next six years to create a comprehensive navigational system for the South Asian region, ISRO chairman G Madhavan Nair said today. The system, to be called the Indian Regional Navigational Satellite System (IRNSS), will provide invaluable positioning and timing data to aircraft and ships operating in the region. The constellation is being designed on the lines of the US Global Positioning System (GPS).

irnss isro

“This will be a very important step in the direction of having an efficient navigation system for countries in the region,” Nair said, adding that the first of the seven satellites would be launched in 2009. All of them will be carried on PSLVs and the total cost of the project is estimated to be Rs 1600 crore.

Like GPS data, information produced from IRNSS is likely to be freely available for everyone to use. This constellation would be part of nearly 60 launches that ISRO has planned over the next five years. Admitting that launching so many satellites would put severe strain on ISRO, Nair said he did not think that the target was unrealistic.

“Right now we do about four launches a year against a capability of five or six. By outsourcing more of our work to the industry, like manufacture of satellite components, we are quite hopeful of achieving that target,” Nair said. In the next twelve months, ISRO plans two GSLV and three PSLV launches.

Article courtesy: Indian Express


Shoot 'Em Up – a review

I have a very simple logic. If a movie stars Monica Bellucci, watch it. Plain and simple. Add to that Clive Owen and the drool factor simply increases. Ever since i watched Malena, i simply cant seem to have enough of Monica Bellucci. She is what i would say Yummy…slurp…slurp. Given a chance to have some person for dinner, i would easily choose her. Everything about her is large. Tall, big breasts, thick lips, long never ending legs… i can go on.

shoot em up

In fact i like her so much that i saw Irreversible too. Even sat through the 15 minute graphic rape scene in the movie. Just because it starred her. Anyways, Shoot ’em up is a good time pass movie. If you like slam, bang, thank you maam kinda movies, you may catch it. Also its a pretty short movie. So, there’s no feeling as if one has wasted their time. From the moment the movie starts, it takes you on an amazing action packed journey.

Though some of the stunts do remind us of our dear old Mithun Chakraborthy or Rajnikanth movies, still its a fun ride. I have been completely avoiding any hollywood stuff for a long while now. This year have watched only Shooter, Die Hard-4, Bourne Supremacy and Shoot ’em up. Now you see the common thread running through them. Yup, am a sucker for a good action movie.

Hari-da-Puttar (Harry Potter), Lord of the rings, Shrek 1,2,3,4,5 and the numerous other sequels, prequels etc are not worth my money.