Guest Posts

Each guest post will cost US$ 10 or INR 500 to get published.  As someone who has also contributed guest posts, i know that every guest poster is compensated (either monetarily or through some other means) and its only fair that Iam also compensated to publish your articles. The benefits of donations are:

  • Your article will be sticky on the blog for 3 days
  • Your article will be published within 24 hours of emailing me the same.

Your contribution will ensure that this website runs at its most optimal level and help me publish your articles as I have been doing always. I accept payments through Paypal or Netbanking.  If you are interested, do let me know and I will email you the details.

If you would like to have guest posts written by you hosted on this website, please email me at full2njoy at gmail dot com.  This website has more than 15000 hits per month.  As of last count, the number of all time visits to this site had already crossed 350,000.

This website covers topics like Finance, Business, IT, Technology, Movies, Personal, India, World, Politics, Automobiles, Holidays, Music, Industry, Adventure, Tourism, City specific tourism, Hotels etc.  If you have anything else to contribute other than the topics mentioned, please feel free to let me know.