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  1. I had been reading your blogs for quite some time, its very good, keep it up, but I had a comment that you use extreme words sometimes, try not to use it.

  2. Well, I have always called myself a Global Indian :)…(have not been out of India so far)…I cant claim to belong to any state..parents are from different states, born somewhere, brought up somewhere, college somewhere, working somewhere else…

    But we have a similarity..Movie maniac πŸ™‚

  3. wOw nIce tO meeT Uu..crOny
    i wanna sOme mOre help frOm U..
    i have finished my b.tech graduation and am having 0-2 Years exp sO i wOuld lyk tO wOrking in singapOre..
    sO can u gve me a idea…where will i cOntaCt Or whOm i meet regarding fOr my jOb hUnTing..

    Thank U n advanZZZZ…swastIk.fOrever

  4. I have readyour older posts and was not scummbed to hear that you fall for older women. My husband is younger to me and we have been married for 10 years. Age is a matter of numbers. It is not written anywhere that one should not marry older women. My best friend married a man 20 years older than her. Rich and bachelor, she scored. she is happy and so am I.

  5. @Richa, of course, i believe that love goes much beyond age and that is surely not a criterion for falling in love. Good to see that you as well as your friend are having a happy married life πŸ™‚

  6. Until a moment ago, you had a picture of an atomic explosion on your front page – can you tell me where you found it and how to contact the copyright holder?

    many thanks and best wishes

  7. Hi1

    Nice blog is this. Fine when i tried to serach a comapny i got this website. Quite intresteing sharing your thoughts after a long am seeing some good replies form all you people not entring any irrletaed matters.

    Wherever you see, cinema, chat wasting their time etc….

    So its not like that Good Keep it up.


  8. yes would love to have one your articles published on our sites too but with your permission only, seems some of our readers love to read your articles, so here i am searching all over and at last i found you here.
    hope you agree with us πŸ™‚

  9. U gotta be realistic dude.. u call yourself Antiestablishment and work as an IT analyst… IT which is the Epitome of establishment today,
    And 2, u call yourself a world citizen but from your blogs it seems you have a cynical view of everything… not appreciative.. tht cannot be a true world citizen ..b realistic not hypocritical…

  10. Hey.. Hii!!
    I just happened to land here somehow.. So thought of leaving a Comment coz we have an Idle Mind in common..(The blog, I mean to say) πŸ˜‰

    Happy New Year!!

  11. This is Robert Whitcomb, editorial page editor of The Providence Journal. May I stick on my blog at work you nifty rumination about where stimulus money goes — such as buying “usless crap” from abroad?
    Many thanks,

    (401) 277-8024

  12. Almost 8 Lakh hits! My! my! You are hell of a blogger! Also saw your redifflog.

    I didn’t read anything; sorry. Will surely visit later. Busy presently.

    I see your comments almost everywhere! So I thought I must be here better late than never.

    Recently married, hmm! I am dying to marry but still unemployed and only in unrequited love.

    See you later!

  13. Honestly,I am first time visiter to your blog.It is very interesting and am very happy about the number of hits.Incidentally,I do spend a lot of time in S’pore.I intend to read your blog more regularly.All the best

  14. Hey, I enjoy reading your posts. You and your readers might like this video that a friend sent me. It’s a Bollywood version of an iTunes spot. Keep up the good work blogging!

    – Kiran

  15. Great, wud like to read more, please look into the overlapping of sentences in some places, unable to read cos of that, otherwise its just perfect,

  16. I like your new home! πŸ˜‰
    I was very busy the last months, but I will visit you more often again.
    Greetings from Vienna, Austria, Kipet!

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  19. I would be delighted to blog for you; I do likewise for Cox & Kings, We Blog the World and World Travel List. My own website shows my writing and I am also travel editor for India Link International magazine published in London. I return to India annually for six to eight weeks when I am invited to experiences states, place, events, resorts and hotels and cities…I have just attended World Travel Market in London as usual. India’s stands looked good but the footfall was still down sadly….more needs to be done to encourage people to visit India.

  20. Hello,

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    It has nothing to do with Stock Market Investment really. It is about small business ideas.

    Do let me know what you think of it. Suggestions would be most welcome.

    Regards, Ankita.

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