2 months hence

What have i been doing in India 2 months since coming back from Singapore?  Studying, taking a break from work at the same time.  But things are still as busy as when i was in Singapore.

Have suffered one of my worst summer in a decade.  Its always 40-42 degrees daily and i suffer the most on my way back home from my classes daily.  Once i reach home, am so drained that i just dont seem to have the time and inclination to do anything else.

Just cant wait for the rains, but looking at the screwed up weather, i foresee very bad monsoon this time too.  Hopefully iam wrong.  The winter in December was extreme and so has been the summer.  I experienced both of them this year.  Just hope that the monsoons are also extreme.  I promise not to complain 🙂

So much to write, so little time.  Becoming a full time student after working nonstop for 15 years has been a refreshing experience.  The course would end by mid of this month.  See how things go ahead from here on.

Will write soon on my experiences after moving back to India.

Above picture courtesy: Chase’s blog