The Tamasha Begins Again – IPL4

Serious cricket is over.  Time for fulltoo timepass cricket.  The baby of Lalit Modi, the combination of two religions of India, Bollywood and Cricket, the Indian Premier League begins tomorrow.

Chikni cheerleaders, bimbotic Bollywood stars, moronic commentators, 3 hours of non stop masti.  The next 50 days promises non stop hungama.  Bring it on.

No points for guessing who my favourites are.  Go Deccan Chargers Go.  No Gilly, Symonds, Gibbs & Styris.  But we do have Steyn, Sangakkara, Pietersen, Ojha etc.

The new advertisement for Deccan Chargers is downright hilarious.  Watch the video link here .

Best thing about this IPL?  No Pakis.  Thank God for small mercies.  Or else after feasting on our money and enjoying our hospitality, that bird brained Shahid Afridi will go back to PUKEistan and complain that we are not large hearted.  Not to mention that langda tyagi, Sohail Tanveer complaining about hindustaniyon ki zehniyat.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.