The picture in today’s Deccan Chronicle says it all.  Not many urban city slickers might want to admit, but the truth is that Andhra Pradesh has lost one of its most loved Chief Minister.


Though i do have a grouse against him naming each and every project in Andhra Pradesh after the Nehru/Gandhi family, one cant discount the amount of work he did among the rural folk in AP.  From cheap loans for womenfolk to healthcare benefits to millions of poor people, to free power for farmers, to massive irrigation schemes to the tune of 1 lakh crore,  to building a state of the art airport in Hyderabad to building the 160 km Outer Ring Road to decongest the city, there was a reason why more than 40 people died of either shock or committed suicide on hearing YSR’s death.

The only person not only to survive the NTR storm in the 80s and still manage to keep his seat, but also to singlehandedly survive the onslaught of a combined opposition of TDP, Communists, Chiranjeevi, BJP, Telengana crowd in the 2009 Assembly and Lok Sabha elections and still come out victorious is no easy task.

Rest in Peace, YSR.  You will be missed for sure.  Not only by your loved ones, but also by your rivals who in the back of their minds always looked up to you as a rival worth fighting against.