Mummy, they are planning to hurt me

They say, “a bully is always a coward“.  Under mobocracy, they thrive and rule. And when the opposition stands up to them, they panic.  Its been same of dictators worldwide and its same of political wannabies.


First we saw the bully Raj Thackeray exhorting his goons of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) to beat up migrant workers from UP and Bihar who came to Bombay to find work.  And when the government removed the Z category security, he panicked and started accusing the government of making plans to eliminate him.

Same is the case with Varun Gandhi.  Only an idiot would agree with the mother-son claims that the CD showing Varun Gandhi using threatening and vulgar words against the Muslim community and the Prime Minister were morphed or somehow tampered with.


Even a layman could make out that Varun went on with his hate filled speech which was gleefully applauded by the chaddi gang till someone filmed the speech and bought the crime to light.   The same Varun Gandhi who once threatened to cut down people of a certain community is now quivering in fear and is hiding under his mamma’s pallu as there are rumors that the sharp shooters of underworld don, Chhota Shakeel are on the lookout to eliminate him.

In the wake of the arrest of six sharpshooters of the Chota Shakeel gang, who were allegedly planning to kill the lawyer of Varun Gandhi, Bharatiya Janata Party Member of Parliament Maneka Gandhi on Sunday shot off a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, saying she was concerned about her son’s safety.

“It is with the deepest concern for my son’s life and safety that I write to you today,” she said in her letter in the wake of the arrest of the gang members.

In a separate statement, Varun, 29, said while he was not personally intimidated by such cowardly threats, strong precautions must be taken to defeat the desperate designs of extremist elements.

“The Home Ministry should respond with the urgency and responsibility that behoves those entrusted with the safety of a whole nation,” he said, claiming that it was a plot against his life by dangerous underworld criminals.

The Delhi police on Saturday claimed that the gang had come to the capital to allegedly kill Varun’s lawyer.

Read the rest of the funny news here.

Honestly, such hatemongers are at best dead and buried.

Raj & dog’s pic source: Amreekandesi; Varun & Menaka pic source: TribuneIndia


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  • | Balu |

    Ya man seriously all this hate-mongering has to end. There has to be a law against hate-mongering but hey that means we won’t be able to have a PlayStation3 vs Xbox360 conversation ever! =(

  • Kiran

    You said it! Mobocracy indeed. .. and cowards for sure. Thankfully; this kind of hate-fever is dying its natural death – hardly anyone gives a s**t to these guys now!


    These are the people who should be made ” TADIPAAR”.Once they are into a social boycot area,they will die a natural death.In my opinion,social boycot is the worst punishment one can get.Having said all this,let us not forget…Varun and Raj,both have supporters in two main political parties.Can there be anything worse than this?Mark my words,during the fortjcoming assly elections,both the parties will use the “services” of Raj and Varun.

  • Liju Philip

    @Harsh, wahi jo political parties chahte hain 😀

    @Balu, hatemongering on the games console is fine as long as it doesnt cross over into our lives 😉

    @Kiran, that’s cos the same leaders who are supposed to protect us spread hate.

    @Indyeah, i would love to see the end of these fellows.

    @Chowla, ya till the time people give some value to these buggers, they will keep the hate festering between communities.

  • Solilo

    “a bully is always a coward”.

    Exactly and that’s why these vemon spewing politicians talk big and then hide in their Z security bungalows. Where were these Thackerays when 26/11 happened?