Incomplete Bandra-Worli Sealink Opens

The incomplete Bandra-Worli sealink in Bombay was formally inaugurated by Sonia Gandhi yesterday.  The second carriageway of the sealink will only be completed by the year end.  For a project that has already been in the making for more than 10 years, why the hurry to inagurate it so fast, when its yet to be completed?  Is it something to do with scoring some brownie points just before the Maharashtra assembly elections?


Also, why name the bridge after Rajiv Gandhi? What did he do to deserve the name on the bridge?  Was he the mason or the engineer or the company that executed the project? Havent we had enough of the Gandhi names adorning everything in the country?  Is there no one in the billion odd citizens of India who can be honoured with their name on the bridge.  Anyway, why cant we stick with the original name of the bridge, Bandra Worli Sealink (BWSL)?

Couldnt the sycophants of Congress not find a single person from the hundreds dead in the terrorist attack last year whose name could be adorned to the bridge? Does the UPA have any plans to change India’s name to Gandhistan or Rajivistan?


I would support any move by the government that would name all our public toilets after Rajiv or Indira Gandhi.  That would be one project i would be happy to see named after the Gandhi family.  How about Rajiv Gandhi Shauchalaya or Smt Indira Gandhi Toilet ?

Why doesnt the sycophant Congress workers plan something on this matter? Am sure their dear madam, Sonia Gandhi wont object to something so noble.

Above pictures source:NDTV

Skyscrapercity link to the BWSL project here