Yeh cup kahan jaayega?

2 years ago, Twenty-20 was a novelty. No one had a clue about India’s strengths and weakness in the game.  The young team led by MS Dhoni won the inaugural twenty-20 world cup at South Africa.

t20Two editions of IPL later, all the players in the Indian team are under the radar of the opposition’s think tanks.  They are sure to have made their own plans on how to counter Yuvraj, Yusuf Pathan, Rohit Sharma, Gambhir, Sehwag, Dhoni, Raina etc…

Its precisely why, this Twenty-20 World Cup at England will be the acid test for Dhoni and his men.  For Dhoni, its time to prove that his previous victory was not a fluke and that luck always plays a big factor in his victories.

india champions

India opens its schedule with a game against Bangladesh on Saturday (6 June).   There is just 7 victories between any team and the World Cup.

So, kya yeh cup kahin nahin jaayega?  Well, time will tell.  Meanwhile, am sure i dont need to specify which team Iam cheering for 😀