Ancelotti comes to Stamford Bridge

carlo ancelotti

More here.  And now, it would be worth watching if the perennial losers in the semi finals of the Champions League will lift the coveted trophy.  More power to the blues to take on the reds 😀

Ancelotti brings with him a huge legacy.  A Champions league trophy winner twice each as a player and as a manager, he will have huge expectations to live up to.

Picture source: Chelseafc


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  • Chittaranjan

    I’ve no doubts whatseoever that he also will go the ‘Scolari’ way.

    A non-english (read Italian) coach may never get the same respect from a team which has no Italians innit! Guus was liked plus his stay was short. I don’t see Ancelotti repeating the Guus magic.

    Shevchenko is prolly the only player who has played under him and when he returns, Drog & Anelka may start to feel insecure.

  • Liju Philip

    @Mampi 😀

    @YC, am sure there will be the support team that will speak English. I dun think that should be a problem. Anyway, lets see in the next season. More power to the blues. Sheva will be back? Ewwww. He should restrict himself to Italy.