Bumper Monday after Super Saturday

With the commies and regional parties out of the reckoning, the stock market is going to give a real high five when it opens today in approx 2 hours from now.  I would reckon at least a 500 point upside for the BSE.  Like some panelist commented on CNBC-TV18 on Saturday, “the fact that we wont see Prakash Karat’s face on TV for the next few years itself is worth 500 points.” Well said.

5 years ago admist the uncertainity over the economic reforms , the stock market crashed by over 790 points to finish at around 4200 points as the UPA with the support of the Left came to power in May 2004.   Since then, the market touched 22000, crashed to 8000 and is now hovering around 12000.

With the commies not around this time and a decimated BJP, its time for the UPA to look at the real issues on ground.  We could look at FDI in retail and that’s sure to give a fillip to the economy in general.  Its probably time for Singh and his team to unleash the 2nd generation of reforms.

Montek Singh Ahluwalia seems to be in running for the post of Finance Minister.  Chidambaram would go back to his Home ministry (and hopefully do a good job of overhauling the creaking law and order machinery and intelligence gathering in the country).  Pranab Mukherjee is poised to be the External Affairs minister.  India would need his expertise a lot considering a volatile neighbourhood.  Hope Dayanidhi Maran comes back to Telecom/IT ministry.  We need a good minister for the post of Highways and surface transport unlike the previous scumbug, TR Baalu.  AK Antony will be the Defence Minister again.

Thank God, the moron Ramadoss is gone.  He was a pathetic joke.  Hope we will have some good Health minister who will work on the lousy public health that we have and the pathetic conditions of government run hospitals than spend his/her time watching if SRK is smoking on screen or picking up fights with the AIIMS chief.

Wonder if Advani has gone to the gym in the morning.  My prediction that Advani will NEVER become the PM of India came true.   He was, is and always will be an also-ran. At least with his new found love for exercising, he will die a healthy man physically.  Unfortunately, there can be no cure for his crooked and power hungry mind.

Here’s the best wishes for a great 2nd innings to the UPA led government.