Am back

Had been to Hyderabad for a short 4 day trip as my brother was getting married.  Back in Singapore in the morning, and was in the office early too.  But very tired as there was the usual crying of kids in the flight and combine with it the cattle class airlines called Tiger airways.  The seats are so close to each other that it seems that the seats have been designed for pygmies.

Travelled via a garbage dump of an airport called the Chennai airport, a so called ISO 9001 certified airport which they so proudly display on the airport.  But from the floor with lousy and dusty tiles to leaky and stinking toilets to a new domestic arrival hall where the aircon is set so low that its enough to freeze you to haphazardly placed tubelights in the cielings. The Chennai airport is the best example of a pathetic government and its abject apathy towards its citizens and the infrastructure.

If this is what the Airports Authority of India (AAI) can provide, its high time, the Chennai airport is handed over to some private company.  When you travel from the sleek, ultra efficient, modern and brilliant Hyderabad airport, Chennai airport reminds you of some village in the remote part of India.  Even the Chennai central railway station is the same, smelly and dirty.  Often making me wonder which moron named Chennai a Metro city.

People cutting queues while showing off their official powers, indifferent authorities, misplacing luggage, airport employees who steal stuff from your luggage, ripping off your hard earned money while paying for food is how you can describe the Chennai airport.  Just outside the airport you have a huge congregation of people waiting everytime as if some superstar is arriving.  With cars, buses, two wheelers and everything in such close proximity of the airport, its just a matter of time before you might hear about a terrorist attack there.  The policemen / women just go about their motions as if they are in la-la land.

And then look at the issues in our elections starting tomorrow, the Samajwadi Party has an agenda to get rid of English and Computers.  Meanwhile, the moron called Mulayam Yadav has both his sons studying in an english medium college. The same is the case with his chamcha Amar Singh.

Some moron wants to gift colour TV and another one free rice as if the national exchequer is their father’s property. The Election Commission should come out with a ruling that the party promising freebies in the manifesto should foot half of the bill for the freebies, then we can see the fun.

So, who do you vote for?  The openly communal BJP which talks and commits hatred against a section of people or who dont follow their Hindutava (dunno what kind of tava it is) manifesto or Congress who has perfected the art of playing divisive politics or the Communists who are nothing but agents of the Communist Party of China or the scores of uneducated and criminals with enough murders and rapes in their resume so as to be called legends in their fields?

You make the call.  Meanwhile, do go out and vote. Vote against divisive, communal, casteist, socialist parties and people with criminal records against their name (oops, that rules out most of the leaders of all parties).