The joke that is Varun Gandhi

After claiming that the CD was doctored and still being booked by a ruthless Mayawati under National Security Act (NSA)  who would go to any extent to clamp down on any opposition to her on her turf.  Varun Gandhi’s another lie has been nailed.

This time, the London School of Economics (LSE) has confirmed that Varun Gandhi has never studied there contradicting Varun’s assertion in the court.

Now, the fun begins when the court will try Varun for perjury.  Varun should have had indicated that he was a student of the chaddi gang shakha in Pilibhit rather than LSE.  That would have sounded more convincing 😛

More fun elsewhere as Samajwadi Party’s candidate, Sanjay Dutt has been denied permission by the Supreme court to stand in the elections. Hahahaha.

Read this article for the irony of the Varun Gandhi case.