Elections are here and the hunting dogs are out

As elections close by, all the hunting dogs of the chaddi gang (BJP, Shiv Sena, ABVP, Ram Sene, Bajrang Dal etc..) are out in full force.  First it was the Ram Sene molesting / beating up women in a pub in Mangalore and now the some more morons beating up women in full public glare in Bangalore.

Am not surprised that everytime BJP comes into power in any state, we start to see their favourite brand of hate politics happening.  Once the master is in power, the dogs are out hounding and trying to impose their talibanic version of culture and religion on people.  It happened in Gujarat, Orissa and now in Karnataka.  Not to mention Madhya Pradesh and UP where such things happen with alarming regularity.

Read the full news about the attacks on hapless women by some eunuchs and Taliban of Indian culture.

Vote out BJP and its chaddi gang friends. Make a strong point that we will not cow down to some religious morons who try to impose their lifestyle on us.  That we will not bow down to the politics of hate. The constitution of India gives us the right to live our lives according to our own wish as long as we dont break the rules of the land.  Its the chaddi gang members who are breaking the law.

Its time for the women to fight back.  Take a moment and think.  You might believe that since you were not attacked, this doesnt concern you.  Yesterday, it was someone in Mangalore, today it was someone in Bangalore, tomorrow it could be you.

So, what can you do?  Pressurise the police to act on them.  Each one file a case on all the fellows who you think are involved in this.  Write to the media, appear on the media, make your voice heard.  The next time a politician comes begging for votes, ask him to first arrest the goons and lock them up, get them sentenced and then only come to you for votes.  Geraho the politicians and make them give public assurances and act upon them.  File FIR against the leaders of hate, file a PIL in the Supreme Court against the ‘Ye dur dur dur appa’  government for sitting back like a eunuch and watching the fun when they were elected to protect us from such morons.

Fight back.

Read Prem Panicker’s take on the issue here.