Bangkok beckons this Valentine's Day

Am going off to Bangkok tomorrow for a short holiday with biwi ji.  Will be back in Singapore late on 17th night.  The first Valentine’s day post marriage will be at the Thai capital, which also known as “Krung Thep Maha Nakhon” meaning “City of Angels“.



Meanwhile Muthalik and his chaddi gang with the active co-operation of BJP (with elections coming up they are already raking up the Ram temple issue) didnt anticipate public anger post the Mangalore roughing up of girls in a pub.  Perhaps, BJP and its chaddi gang allies still live in the notion that the people of this country want another form of Taliban in this country and that people are willing to vote for politics that was fashioned in the 80s.


There have been calls of pub bharo (fill up the pubs) on V-Day, carry chilli powder and pepper sprays, hockey sticks and bash up the chaddi gang members if and when they try to stop people from living the life they want to.

I would love to see some bashed up faces of the Ram Sene goons in the media soon.  When we have eunuchs like Ye dur dur dur appa and Chidhu in power, we simply cant trust them to deliver justice to us.  What we need to do is to not to beg for our rights, but to assert them, if need be with a bit of violence.

These chaddi gang members and other religious nuts have no business telling us the kind of lives we should live.  If they are so concerned about the Indian culture and values, they are free and go mate with some cows and drink their urine.

PS: Meanwhile, dont forget to send your pink chaddis to the cross dresser Muthalik and his gang members of Ram Sene.  I do have some stinking underwear with me and was wondering how to send it to them.