Obama's day in history

Its not everyday you see history being created.  Obama won a few months ago, but then, till took oath and stepped into the white house as the President of the United States of America, history had not yet been created.


For a country whose Presidents were known to keep slaves while in office till Abraham Lincoln abolished this practise, its indeed a great day.  Let’s keep our prejudices apart and hail the man who with his sheer determination has come where he has today.

Its not going to be an easy ride for Obama. And he has repeatedly indicated the same in all his speeches.  At least we can be happy that a warmonger is not in power in the US.  Hope Obama over the next 4 years of his tenure will repair the image of US that has been battered courtesy George Bush.  Hope he will crack down on rogue nations (Pakistan) who like to use terrorism as a tool to destabilise the neighbourhood.

Obama has promised to close down Guantanmo Bay, but not indicated what he will do with all the prisoners there.  There are already indications that the prisoners will be moved into some other facilities.  A 16 month target to get out of Iraq is also in place.  Hopefully he will flood Afghanistan with more troops so that Pakistan and its rogue army that is in the forefront of supporting terror in the world and the Taliban will be put in place.

Fixing the economy is a priority for the Obama administration.  Hopefully the trillions that they are planning to flood the markets will kickstart the economy and  push the world forward.


My only wish: To see an Indian Prime Minister or a President with a 6 pack ab someday.  Meanwhile we seem to have a 81 year old (LK Advani) dying waiting to replace a 78 year old (Manmohan Singh) as the Prime Minister.  Did anyone say that we have the world’s largest pool of young people?

Above cartoon source: Twenty22