Weekend reads

More articles on how the US has ignored / nurtured ISI, the rogue Pakistani intelligence agency.  So much that it has today gone out of control and has become the organiser and funds one of the world’s largest terrorist network.

Some good articles that nail the Pakistani lie

Pakistan’s JihadThe Weekly Standard

Risk Factors – New Yorker

How to break a terrorist – Time

Interview with Rakesh Maria (Mumbai Joint Commissioner of Police) – Read all the 3 parts of the interview where he puts forth most of the evidence that indicates Pakistani Army/ISI involvement in the Mumbai attacks.  And also proof that all the terrorists involved in the Mumbai attack were Pakistani nationals.

Pakistani town’s relation to the Mumbai attacks – Washingtonpost

Mumbai: A battle in the war for Pakistan – Council on Foreign Relations

Mumbai terrorists and their global agenda – Yale Global

Thats quite a lot to read over what i thought would have been a lazy weekend 😉  Thanks to Prempanicker for collating all the links.  Follow Prem on his twitter link.