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Do you believe that the sensation crazy Indian media was reponsible for the irresponsible live coverage of the Bombay attacks which could have strengthened the terrorists defences against our security forces?

Have you ever felt that in the craze for notching up TRPs, our media is sensationalizing issues and working against the interest of the country, polarizing people among communal,castiest lines and putting the lives of its citizens in danger?

Vishal Dadlani (music director of the blockbuster Om Shanti Om) is filing a PIL against the media and asking for a scrutiny of all the live feed in the Mumbai high court.  The PIL asks for the courts to pass orders that will restrain the media from airing any live feed in the future if and when such an incident happens again.

You always asked, what can be done?  This is probably the first step in our fight against not only the terrorists, but against their sympathisers in the media and general community. The media that sensationalizes the attacks and makes the terrorists a hero and makes our valiant security forces a sitting duck against terrorists.  Its time we called the media bluff that always hid behind the “freedom of speech” saying and behaved irresponsibly.

Sign the petition at http://smallchange.in and send a message across that we are not going to take it lying down.  Raise your voice.  Write to all the media (especially morons like Barkha Dutt and the idiots at India TV who interviewed a terrorist when the fight was going on).  Write to Pranoy Roy (NDTV), Rajdeep Sardesai (CNN-IBN), the morons at India TV, Aaj Tak, Times Now etc… and let them know that we dont appreciate their kind of sensational journalism and jingoism.

Its time we called their bluff.  Sign the petition here at http://smallchange.in