The next time….

The next time a fuckin mofo policeman asks for a bribe on the road, kick him in his nuts.  Take his picture and post it on the net so that we can publicly shame them.


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  • indianhomemaker

    Yes let’s all do this. And we will follow traffic rules and pay our fines if we are caught, we WILL vote, we will stop and help any accident victims, and we will persuade many other citizens to also vote.

  • Amit

    Today someone in Mumbai entered the railway station with a gun and came out and none of the policemen noticed. Caught napping once again!!

  • Liju Philip

    @Manpreet, the irony is that we cant get our NSG commandos to assassinate them. That’s the worst part.

    @IHM, yes its time we stopped and let ourselves be checked at a security check point and not try to raise our voice and try to show off who’se son/daughter we are.

    @Amit, trust me…nothing’s gonna change. The rut is too deep and embedded to be cleaned.