Did the govt know about the Bombay attacks earlier?

As the postmortem of the dastardly attacks in Bombay continue, its coming to light that both the state and the central governments had enough information of the Bombay attacks and yet did nothing.

On May 9 2007, the home minister was asked in the Rajya Sabha, whether “it is a fact that there are strong apprehensions of terrorist threats to the country through the sea route?” “As per available reports,” he answered, “Pak based terrorist groups, particularly LeT, have been exploring possibilities of induction of manpower and terrorist hardware through the sea route…” On December 8, 2007, the National Security Adviser, M.K. Narayanan, was educating the world at the 4th Regional Security Summit organised by the International Institute of Strategic Studies, the Manama Dialogue. “According to our intelligence reports,” he confided to the assembled sheikhs and experts, “there are now certain new schools that are now being established on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, which now specialise in the training of an international brigade of terrorists to fight in many climes. According to our information, recruits from 14 to 15 countries have been identified as amongst the trainees there… Training has become extremely rigorous — it is almost frightening in nature… Studies are being carried out about important targets, with regard to vulnerability, accessibility, poor security, absence of proper counter-terrorism measures, etc. The sea route, in particular, is becoming the chosen route for carrying out many attacks, even on land. References to this are to be found replete in current terrorist literature.” “Given India’s experience in dealing with terrorism,” he added, “I would like to therefore sound a note of warning, that there is no scope for complacency…”

Read the full article here.  It clearly shows that the government had full inkling of the threat.  The IB and R&AW were just collecting intelligence and passing on the threat info.  They in no way followed up on their tip to see if anything concrete on the ground was being worked upon.  Even if the state government was lethargic, how come the IB didnt apprise the Prime Minister of the threat?  Or did the Prime Minister also have an inkling but didnt make much of the threat?

Heads need to roll.  Shivraj Patil, RR Patil and Vilasrao Deshmukh have tendered resignations.  More needs to be done.  These fellows might be back in power in a few years from now.  Public memory is short. They easily forgive and forget.  But this is a wound we need to keep it fresh and raw.  Let the anger simmer.  Even if it means a routing of the Congress led UPA government in the upcoming general elections.