What's the difference between Mumbai terrorists and Thackeray, Advani, Modi, Congress etc

In the initial anguish reading about the terrorists strike in the heart of Mumbai, this is what i wrote on a  common forum. Reproducing it here in full.

I wonder what is the difference between the terrorists who attacked the city of Bombay and the goons of Raj / Bal Thackeray who regularly kill, injure people and destroy property just to further their political agenda?

Why dont we feel the same pain and shame when a politician rouses communal fears and tries to divide us and makes us fight among ourselves?

What makes the Indian / Deccan Mujahideen / SIMI / Lashkar  any more dangerous than home grown terror like the VHP, RSS, Shiv Sena, Maoists, the Christian fundamentalists in Eastern India?

Is Advani not responsible enough for all the violence we are facing today due to his role in the Babri Masjid demolition?  Is the Congress not responsible for repeated miscarriage of justice by their pseudo secularism and pandering to the extremist muslims?  Is Narendra Modi not responsible for the 1000s of muslims killed under his watch in the Gujarat riots? Is Congress not responsible for the thousands of Sikhs killed in 1984?

And then, why are we surprised that someone from our own country wants to kill his fellow countrymen?  When he/she asked for justice as his house was being burnt, his sister was being raped, where were we?  Why did we turn a blind eye?

All the miscarriages of justice is finally coming home to roost.

We will still bounce back and am sure of that.  But is it this kind of a society that we want to live in?

Raj Thuggeray, the leader of Maharashtra Napunsak Sena (Maharashtra Eunuch’s Army) and the paper tiger leader of Shiv Sena, Balls Thuggeray are so busy setting up vada pav stalls that they have retreated into the kitchens of their houses. The bloody uncle and nephew team that has held Bombay to ransom over their petty anti-North Indian politics are nowhere to be seen.  The NSG, Marine Commandos, RAF and Black Cats from other states of India have to come down to clean up the mess.  How come the Thuggeray family is not complaining now?  Bloody nincompoops.

Narendra Modi after lording over a state that recently was hit by more than 20 bomb blasts at various places tries to blame the central government saying that they are lenient.  For all his show of bravado, i have never seen a bigger coward.  In any other country, he would have been hung on a pole for being a mass murderer. Advani, the ever colour changing chameleon of Indian politics and the biggest terrorist India has ever produced is also busy fishing in troubled waters.

For all my respect for Manmohan Singh, i should admit that when it comes to internal security, he is the worst PM we ever had.  Sorry Mr Singh, i appreciate your honesty, your work in finance and the Indo-US nuclear deal, but you are pathetic when it comes to the security of our country.  It would be great if you could take your bloody incompetent Home Minister, Shivraj Patil (who might be busy at some clothes shop looking for the shirt to wear in the next press conference), your boss Sonia Gandhi and resign.  Please do us a favour.

What about RAW (Research & Analysis Wing), IB (Intelligence Bureau), the spy agencies who were supposed to smell the conspiracy and nip it in the bud?  We have another incompetent National Security Advisor in Narayanan.  He is so bloody camera happy that he has no qualms shooting off his mouth on TV.  Mr Narayanan, i wish you had the same competency in your work, at least these attacks would have had been stopped.  The RAW & IB has not been able to stop at least 20 attacks in different places of India in the past 2 years.  If they even have a shred of shame, heads should roll in all these 3 organisations.

If you cant bloody well protect us, then get the hell out of your seats.  We do not have a choice and that’s why we go back to our schools, work and daily routine inspite of a bomb blast.  Now that’s been bandied about as the resilience of our people and economy.  And, iam sick of being reminded of my resilience when iam being ruled by spineless and incompetent people who instead of saving me and my family are more busy playing politics hiding beind a bullet proof screen and being swamped by some black cats who put their lives at stake so that ingrates like you can live to see another day.


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  • soham

    so do you think that we , gujaratis, elected Narendra Modi just because we are very communal people and we dont believe in secularism ..

    He is ruling Gujarat since last 7 years and till today he is the most popular leader in Gujarat .. Do you think we are that stupid?? ..

    He was elected because he has a progressive vision, dedication to develop gujarat .. ANd that is why he is rulling Gujarat and the hearts of gujarati people .. Come out of Godhra man ..it was a nightmare and it passed .. Stop living in past buddy ..

    It is easy to criticize ..

  • Manpreet

    Nah, no difference between all of these bloody politicians, terrorists and eunuchs. They rule because we allow them to rule.
    The Mumbaikaar in the truest spirit now needs to spit out the Tackerey family.
    Modi ruled as a ‘popular’ leader in Gujrat cos Gujrat, with all due respect to Gujratis focused on progress, while the rest of Modi’s co-religionists, and co-partymen focused on their “victory” in Godhra. Like that proverbial Albatross, India cannot forget Godhra, just as it cannot forget 1947, Babri, and 1984.
    Those who believe that we need to move past them need to realise that a nation that forgets its history is forced to repeat it.

  • Liju Philip

    @Soham, Does Modi’s economic miracle in Gujarat wash away all his sins of lording over systematic butchering of more than 1000 people in his state? No one is doubting his economic work and development. On that count, we should let go of Manmohan Singh too.

    “Come out of Godhra?” Going by your saying, just wait for a while more, and we can forget all that happened in Bombay in the past 2 days. Would you answer the same if one of your family member was one butchered or raped Do you mean what you are saying? Or just kidding?

    Why bring up Gujarati people’s secularism credentials when talking about Modi? You dont sound different than that Thuggeray family. The same Modi who doubted ATS motives when they arrested the murderous Sadhvi and gang had no qualms paying off a crore just after this encounter.

    Why this double standards buddy?

  • Liju Philip

    @Manpreet, exactly. We have forgiven a forgotten a lot of mass murderers. Its time we started a systematic investigation of all the atrocities and punished the perpetrators.

    Let not his/her economic or educational or societal position be a deterrent in our pursuit for justice.

  • Chintam

    It is not so much about living inthe past. It is about worrying about the very present staring into the very fabric of our society. The question is how much we are learning from the past or, are we at least ready to learn or simply forget as it slips into past.

    On the other hand, i understand this terrorism is global and can be difficult to avert without the help of neighboring countries like Pak. We have no other option but to trust it on face and continue putting efforts/pressure.

    Also, especially it can be difficult to prevent when there is help coming for disgruntled home grown muslim from outside. I only hope i’m wrong and it is not home grown but just outside, then at least we have better chance of preventing such, if we are alert. Britain too faces the same problems, but there, numbers are small and they love their lives and can go any far to stop such.

    Like, it is said, reasons could go back as far as 1947 partition and unsolved Kashmir issue. In spite of those most of India lived in peace until the onset of BJP and its very own agenda to bring down Babri Masjid as a ploy to gain power ( or did the people of Hindu community asked for it!). Since then, slowly and steadily such horrific incidents are on the raise.

  • indianhomemaker

    @ Soham Just one question, How many times was Lalu re-elected in Bihar? Is being re-elected a proof of innocence? I think it shows how well he knows how to get majority votes.

    We need good, new , young, preferably even educated, definitely clean, with NO blood on their hands….if wishes were horses!

  • soham


    Yes I have double standards !!!!!..

    Because, when sadhvi and purohit got arrested, all the congressis, Mulayams, lalus and all called it a ‘Hindu Terror’ .. Tmes of India and Rajdeep sardesai flashed the headlines of ‘Saffron terror’ ..

    and now after the mumbai attack, did anyone utter a word like ‘Isalmic’ terror .. Now everyone is saying ‘terrorism has no religion’ .. so if they hv double standards, i also do have ..

  • soham


    Lalu was relected in Bihar till now because he really have a good administration power .. he might be corrupt, psuedo-secular but he works hard for the people .. Cant you see his efficiency as a railway minister?? ..

  • soham


    Nanvati commision set up by Supreme court has already given clean chit to Modi in Godhra .. So now what other evidence and proof you want?? .. I hope at least you belive in our supreme court judgments ??

  • soham


    There was no BJP in 1969 when one of the dealdliest riotsbroke out in India .. Also in 1984 hindu-muslim and sikh riots .. There was no BJP at that time nor the babri mosque ..

    In 1989 200,00 kasmiri pandits were kicked out of their houses from their land, killed and raped just because they were hindus .. There was no BJP or Babri or Godhra at that time ..

  • Dr.R.K.D.Goel

    You marked all as incompetant. From where you will hire the competnat persons / POLITICIANS?
    You talk in last two years 60 blasts.
    Count the bomb blasts from 01.05.2006 after the demolition of DARGAH in Vaodara in which 6 persons loss their lives with loss of crores of rupees property of both the Hindus and Muslims of Vaodara. WHO HAS TO Be BLAMMeD?
    COINT THe RIOTS IN VADODARA FROM 01.05.2006 AFTeR THe DeMOLITION OF DARGAH BY ORGANISeD RIOTS ON 01.05.2006. We has to bear all these.

  • Chintam

    Soham must be a releived person to have replied all. But we won’t get any where, if we feel happy because we are as bad as each other. By giving all the rest of the examples, Soham accepted that some of the mess is due to BJP’s Ayodhya issue. If it was messy as you said already, then the origin of BJP didn’t help things get better anyway instead they took turn for the worse.

    India with its mix of different religions cannot afford to carry on like this. We shouldn’t get caught up in this divisional politics and satisfy playing blame game. We have got to be seeing/judging objectively. 2 wrongs don’t make it all right. Any wrong doing at any time or by any body is plain wrong whether they are bold enough to own up or not.

    It is such a sensitive issue with mix of population, and also, knowing that we would need all the help from our neighbors in tackling this diplomatically, i guess if some people won’t brand it “islamic terror..”, then it isn’t correct. The western world uses the word “islamic terrorists”, which is right as terrorists we are refering to are islam and they are causing terror in the name of it.

    Our efforts should be spent in understanding the reasons for the recent upsurge of this terror with a view to attempting to look/provide solutions(if any). BUT NOT getting caught up in looking at those as possible reasons itself. It may befit a poiltician in general to have double standards for their electoral gains as it is still ‘power’ which is dominating than ‘production’ in India(unfornuately we’ll continue to see this for some more time) , but we should display some good standards here to give our verdict regardless of who does it, which section they belong to etc..

  • Liju Philip

    @Soham, so you do agree that Modi is a mass murderer and that he was responsible for the butchering of people in Gujarat. Its precisely why he should ben hanged from the nearest lamp post. Everyone knows how the Nanavati Commission’s report was rigged and that the Supreme Court itself had indicted Modi saying that “he behaved like Nero when Rome burnt”. So, the Supreme Court clearly indicted Modi’s approval / role in the killings.

    If Lalu was such a great administrator, why is Bihar in such a lousy state today till Nitish Kumar took over? Terror is terror. Whether its Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh or any other religion. Everyone must be stamped with an iron fist.

    Modi, Advani, Jagdish Tytler, Thackerays, RK Dhawan and every other fellow involved in the mass murders should be punished the same way the Bombay terrorists were / will be punished.

    Anyway what kind of a stupid argument is that to counter Islamic terror, you would bomb your own country? Are you out of your mind? Just because a thief burgles your house, you will burn down your house? You mean your reasoning is so ridiculous? I hope you are an educated person or were you also a member of the Modi mob that went around butchering people?

    @Chintam, i do agree that Congress is no saint when it comes to communal issues. It has always pandered to the minority. And this is what BJP has always tried to exploit. They have completely communalised the politics in India. Their attitude is always a wrong to set right another wrong.

    @RKD Goel, exactly we need to track down every perpetrator of the communal riots and punish them.

  • Ottayan

    I believe we have discussed the past & the present threadbare. (Not only here but in various other forums.)

    Isn’t it time to focus our energies on the future course of action?

  • Liju Philip

    @Ott, its only being discussed. No action is being taken. We are refusing to learn from the past and that’s what causing all this mayhem and destruction.

    Its only from the past can we make effective laws that will deter any future aggression.

  • saritha

    I think lalu has shown his talent only in the railway ministry because he is aiming for the post of PM

  • saritha

    when ever there is a riot/bomb blast people say spirit of mumbai, it will be back,people have to go out for there living, these politican dont do anything but have income, where as common man have to work for his food

  • arvind

    99 percent of politicians are fucking useless for the country ..
    remaining 1 percent if any, never come in front ..
    each politician is communal in some or the other way …they need vote bank …
    and as for MNS and shive sena ..,. i guess they do nothing than hurting innocent people..
    I wonder how brainless people could be when they supoort mns and shiv sena ..
    Intelligence wing should be called UNintelligence wing ..
    and now that the attack is over everyone started what they are best at.,.. playing politics with each other ..
    The right to vote is actually useless ..there are no right guys for whom we can vote for .

  • Chittaranjan

    The blame-game after such incidents have become as common as the incidents themselves. Sadly, all talk and no actions leads us nowhere and we’re stuck in the same old rut….

    As to the Intelligence and RAW failures, I think its hightime a ‘Fourth Column’ is comprised (like the Army, Navy and Air Force) with Autonomous control and heads of its own…no politician or ‘Department’ should be its head and when called upon, should have the wherewithal to act independently…..maybe on the lines of the FBI or the MI5.

    The judiciary, on its part has to be strengthened so as to be able to accord punishments as deemed fit to the caught terrorists and that too within a smaller timespan so as to send a harsh statement out to the would-be-perpetrators.

    But alas, stuff like this would be buried in reams of words and may not at all get translated into actions 🙁

  • Kislay Chandra

    Lalu is the last thing but a great administrator . He ruined Bihar in his 15 years of mis-rule . The masses of Bihar were fools to re-elect him . Period .
    And I partially agree with you . It is correct to condemn what happened in Gujarat , and all the other riots . But those very people look away from what has happened in Kashmir , what is going on Assam , and a district of Kerala called Malappuram . Its like Hindus haven’t suffered at all . Look at the history of India, is all I say .

  • suvam

    i think gujrat riot is a reaction of islamic terror.it is not right to blame hindus.hindus are tortured by muslim from 11th century.they kill hindus whenever they get a chance. is it the resposibility of hindus to keep peace and morality.muslim have no responsibility.their only aim of life is to kill the people of other religion.islam has become a terror to whole humanity.they are hindrance to peaceful living. they are the satans of bible

  • Chintam

    True to some extent as it was a natural reaction. The problem evolves in a different dimension if leaders in responsible positions are helping them from behind and that is not good for our country. Then there is not much difference between the terrorists who killed Hndus prior to Hindus retaliated.

  • Terrorists tied red thread on wrist, drank beer, killed

    There is a lot of commonality, just like Advani they all wear red thread on wrist and tikka on forhead !

    See picture at Detail of Terrorist with Hindu/Buddhist Thread on Wrist

    But one difference is, the muslim terrorist had extensive planning and AK47 and AK56 and GPS sets and everything. Advani will surely make a fool of himself if handed one of these toys.

    The real comparison should be with Sonia Gandhi, she has none of these things, no sindoor on maang nor AK47 but yet achieved a lot more mayhem!!!!