The Coward that is Raj Thackeray


Raj Thuggeray’s Z category security has been reduced, he is panicking.  The self proclaimed protector of the Marathi manoos is peeing in his pants now realising that there are gangs of youth out there wanting to kill him.  I sincerely hope that the government doesn’t extend security to Raj and expose him to the mob which should lynch him just the same way his mob lynched the poor workers from UP and Bihar.

This whole issue just shows that Raj Thackeray is nothing but a goon.  A simple rowdy sheeter who operates just because he has a few followers who are ready to follow his misguided politics.  Just like his uncle, Bal Thuggeray and cousin, Udhav Thuggeray who never step out of the well called Maharashtra, Raj is just another frog in that well.  If Raj likes to play by the sword, he should be willing to die by it and not go back crying momma to the government asking them to restore his Z category security so that he can continue his politics of hate.

MNS requests Maharashtra governor to restore Raj’s security

A delegation of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena leaders met Maharashtra Governor S C Jamir on Monday, requesting him to restore ‘Z’ category security of MNS chief Raj Thackeray

“We have requested to give ‘Z’ category security to Raj Thackeray, in the wake of continuous threats to him,” MNS leader Shishir Shinde, who led the delegation, told PTI.

Raj’s security was withdrawn by the state government, the delegation told Jamir and requested him to direct the Congress-NCP government to restore the MNS leader’s security. The Governor assured the delegation of taking up Raj’s security issue with the state government.

“It should be the endeavour of political parties to respect the sentiments of every citizen and maintain the unity and integrity of the country,” the Governor told the delegation.

Above news from: Rediff


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  • indianhomemaker

    Yes I had noticed this news and was surprised that the belligerence was only there when he had Z class security! But don’t they say, biggest bullies are the biggest cowards?

  • Tarun Goel

    Boss, this is O.K, thackeray will be settled(Insha-allah), but what about the emerging thackeray’s of country??
    They have one KRV(same as MNS) in Karnataka,one in Tamil, one in Kerala. What to do??
    The whole thuggeray’s are enjoying by jeopardizing the whole country 🙁

  • Sitesh

    ya nicely said everything! being a mumbaikar even i am feeling that people r much misguided by getting trapped into the hate politics of MNS. marathi, gujrati and muslim locals r exchanging foolish and idot discriminating words sometimes. raj thackeray instead of having a nice foreign policy, ways to tackle economic depression, reducing poverty, reducing slums, educating millions, protecting farmers of black cotton soil from commiting suicide in vidarbha and marathawad region is only playing hate politics which the news reporters r only broadcasting. not having concern over various issues is sure not to win him vote. only it is dividing votes between shiv sena and MNS and creating greater chances for the Congress to win the new elections nxt yr! Raj Thackeray should himself flee to jail or otherwise his life is at threat! supari acha hai usko marne ke liye! bombay high court shud provide justice by jailing him for years or sending him to exile for years or otherwise i don’t think his soul is goin to b present by the nxt election.

  • dinu

    well said 🙂

    there was a post my Mayank, pretty funny and creative, about this issue .. did you get to read it ? I will send you if I can remember the URL

    • Khalil

      It’s not a strange siutotian, instead it seems like the perfect example of dirty politics in India.Raj Thackeray’s campaign is aimed at winning marathi manoos’ votes. Any votes that he gains will be votes lost by Shiv Sena. Shiv Sena itself is caught between the devil and the deep sea. If it supports Raj, it looses out on the ground level support it has slowly been trying to build in the outsider’ community. If however if it opposes Raj, they stand to loose it’s vital marathi core’ voters.Congress, very wisely has decided to take a moderate’ stand. By not cracking down on MNNS it has established a good rapport with regoinalists. On the other hand you could find Congress leaders urging’ migrant workers to stay and promising them security. Thus they get to save face as a National’ party too.Another consideration for Congress is that if Raj manages to chip away votes from Shiv sena, it will not only strengthen Congress in Maharashtra but also weaken BJP -alliance on the national level. A crafty move by the congress indeed, unfortunately in all these political maneuvering, its Indian national identity which stands to loose the most.

  • Kola

    THackareys …bloody cowards. Where were they when the terrorists hit Mumbai? WHy did we need NSG, what happened to their Mumbai kar attitude, didn’t see that coem to our rescue.

  • Hemant

    Lalu, mayavati, and Amarsing who have no threat on their lives have been holding Z+security for years now.
    Why the sudden outcry?

  • anula

    i think he is right on his way because he is looking at us like his mumbaikars and he wants his mumbaikars to come forward only his way of treating pepole is wrong. he is doing this so that the people of mumbai are unemployed and he wants us to be employed and he is seeing that all work placesare mostly crowded by U.P people .He justwant us to have a secured and smooth future .