Obama creates history


After a 8 year hiatus, the Democrats are back in power.  Looking at the way with which the previous Democratic President, Bill Clinton left, its a no-brainer to see that the Republican government under George Bush has screwed up not only America, but the whole world itself.  Its been a systematic destruction of ‘Brand America’ by George Bush and his government.

Though Bush has been the best President when it came to India-US relations, it needs to be seen how Obama would take the already warm relations further.  It would be an interesting first 100 days to see how Obama would start attacking the domestic as well as foreign issues facing America.  The economy is in the ICU, the war in Iraq is still continuing, Afghanistan is on a boil with active support of the Taliban by the rogue Pakistani intelligence unit, ISI. North Korea behaves erratically.  Russia under Putin has transformed radically.  There are indications of a new cold war starting.  China is still dumping goods into the US.  America is not loved globally as before. Every terrorist group on this earth wants to have a go at the US.

The real challenge for Obama was not winning the elections. The anti-incumbency factor assured his victory. His real challenges start now.

Above picture courtesy: BBC